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Administrative Team

​Approximately 1200 school-based and Division office staff support Prairie Valley schools and deliver diverse programming to meet student needs. This includes approximately 100 staff in The Education Centre school division offices, over 500 teachers and oither staff including educational assistants, principals, bus drivers, caretakers, administrative assistants. 




The governance model includes 11 elected trustees forming the Board of Education.

The Director of Education, Ben J. Grebinski, reports to the Board, and is responsible for the administration of Prairie Valley School Division. The Director is supported by a team of senior leaders in the Administrative Consortium.

Administrative Council Executive

Grebinski, Ben-007.jpg
Director - Ben J. Grebinski
Ben J. Grebinski is the Director of Education/Chief Executive Officer of the School Division. The Director is accountable to the Corporate Board and all staff members are accountable to the Director. The Director of Education/Chief Executive Officer is responsible for administration of the Division and is supported by Deputy Director Brad Kyle and Chief Financial Officer Naomi Mellor, and senior leaders in the Administrative Consortium representing portfolios in both Division Services and Instruction and School Operations.
Naomi Mellor.jpg
Chief Financial Officer/Deputy Director - Naomi Mellor​
Naomi Mellor is responsible for the Division’s Finances, Project Management, Transportation, and Communication and Information Technology. She is supported by the Superintendent of Project Management, the Supervisor of Finance, the Supervisor of Transportation, and the Supervisor of Communication and Information Technology. 


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Superintendent of Project Management - Lyle Stecyk​
This portfolio is responsible for Facility Capital, School Maintenance, Operations and System Projects.
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Superintendent of Education - Kim Kinnear
This portfolio provides services and supports to all students particularly those with diverse and intensive needs. These services and supports are provided by a multidisciplinary team of professionals from several disciplines – psychology, speech language pathology, social work and occupational therapy. In addition to these professionals, consultants provide support for Early Entrant students, Prekindergarten and special programs (including Alternative Education and Functional Integrated Programs) within the school division. ​
Superintendent of Education - Dale Reid
Superintendent of Education - Derek Smith


Communication & Information Technology - Ashton Calder
Finance - Lola Correia
Human Resources - Megan Rich
Instruction and Assessment - Keith Harkness
Student Services - Lorrie Anne Harkness
Transportation - Sharon Bender


Accounting & Payroll - Janine Blyth
Caretaking Services - Kristine Klovansky
Communications - Sheena August
Facility Operations - Bob Ballantyne
Fleet Services - Wayne Gabriel
Human Resources - Devin Jones
Technology Infrastructure - Dan Miller
Transportation Operations - Cindy Laturnas