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Box 1937 RM of Sherwood 3080, Albert Street North, Regina, SK, S4P 3E1| (306) 949-3366| Toll Free (877) 266-1666 Utility links
Prairie Valley School Division
Located within Treaty 4 Territory
Vision, Mission & Values
Leadership in Learning and Life
To Inspire and Empower One Another
    • Realize learning potential
    • Establish clear direction and high expectations
    • Celebrate achievement
    • Open and transparent communication
    • Share information, express ideas, and understand others
    • Diversity and uniqueness
    • Equitable environments
    • Mutual respect, understanding and cooperation
    • Integrity and ethical behaviour, professionalism through honesty, respect, commitment and dedication
    • Holistic learning
    • Meaningful, creative and innovative learning opportunities for all
    • Cooperative and collaborative relationships
    • Responsible leadership

Prairie Valley School Division believes in:

1. A culture that focuses on maximizing student engagement, student learning and student achievement through:

    • Maximizing engaged learning time
    • Tying all activities to curriculum
    • Engaging all students
    • An educationally-sound calendar structure
    • Promoting a culture of learning

2. Maximizing student contact time with regularly assigned staff by:

    • Improving and monitoring student attendance
    • Focusing awareness of interruptions to instructional time and time utilization

 3. Valuing learning opportunities for students both inside and outside of the classroom and school by:

    • Providing extra-curricular learning opportunities that do not jeopardize engaged student learning time
    • 50 minutes at noon and opportunities for organized noon-hour programming
    • Activities linked to learning objectives/outcomes accessible to all students

 4. Honouring the diversity of individual schools and communities within the unifying framework of a culture of learning with:

    • An equitable calendar for all schools and communities
    • Calendar flexibility at a local level to meet individual school needs
    • Accountability by all levels of staff for calendar structure implementation

 5. A culture of learning for all to maximize the quality of teaching and learning by:

    • Providing access to relevant, quality professional development opportunities
    • Up to 5 percent of the contract time for professional development

 6. Continuous blocks of instructional days are critical to effective teaching and learning by:

    • Protecting the continuity of instruction for all students
    • Limiting any set of consecutive non-instructional days to groups of no more than three, wherever possible

 7. Accountability for learning by all stakeholders.