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School Board By-Election

School Board By-election Subdivision 8

Nominations have been made for the April 29, 2015 Board of Education by-election in Subdivision 8: Gray, Kronau, Lajord, Lang, Milestone, White City, Wilcox and surrounding areas as follows:

  • Judy Bradley - Retired Principal/Teacher
  • Steve J. Hordos - Insurance Brokerage Owner
  • Dean Popil - Chief Investment Officer
  • Gord F. Veri - IT Architect
  • Henry (Hal) Zorn - Consultant

The following will provide you with information on voting in the election and information about Prairie Valley School Division.

Notice of Advance Polls.pdfNotice of Advance Polls.pdf

Notice of Poll.pdfNotice of Poll.pdf

Milestone Polling Area Map.pdfMilestone Polling Area Map.pdf

White City Polling Area Map.pdfWhite City Polling Area Map.pdf

Prairie Valley School Division Information

  PVSD Map of Subdivisions.pdf PVSD Map of Subdivisions.pdf

  Strategy-For Printing In-House.pdf Strategic Plan Update 2014-2015.pdf

  Budget 2014-2015-Final for Web.pdf Budget 2014-2015.pdf

  Community Report for Web-High Res.pdf Community Report 2013-2014.pdf

  PVSD FINAL FS Aug 14 - 349342 - Dec 5 Signed.pdf Auditor's Report and Financial Statement.pdf

  2013-14 Public Accounts.pdf 2013-2014 Public Accounts.pdf


Elections for Board of Education Trustees are conducted in accordance with the provisions set out in The Local Government Election Act. The Act can be accessed through the Queen’s Printer website at
If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact one of the following election officials:
  • Sharon Bender, Deputy Returning Officer 306-949-6398
  • Naomi Mellor, Returning Officer 306-949-6354

Thank you for your interest in Prairie Valley School Division.