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Bert de Gooijer - Vice Chair - Subdivision 1
de Gooijer, of Kelliher, operates a mixed family farm. He graduated from the College of Agriculture at the University of Saskatchewan. de Gooijer is married with four children. de Gooijer is involved in local community and church organizations, and has served as a Board member for the past 13 years, including work with various Board committees.  He is currently Chair of the Public Boards Section of the Saskatchewan School Boards Association.
“As a community member, I am interested in continuing to ensure that all students have equitable opportunities to experience and succeed in their education and grow into productive citizens.”

Sandi Urban-Hall - Subdivision 2
Sandi helps small non-profits and businesses with governance coaching, policy development and project management. She is currently under contract with Saskatoon Health Region as Health Promoting Schools Coordinator. She is also the mother of four children.

Sandi attended University of Saskatchewan. She worked at SaskTel for 15 years and left to become a stay at home mom. She was involved locally with the community preschool board and served on school division committees prior to becoming a board member in 2003. She has served ever since.

In 2007, she was elected to the Saskatchewan School Boards Association serving as southern constituency representative for one year, vice president for two years and president for three years. She also served on the board of the Canadian School Boards Association for five years, including being the president for one year. In addition, she served on the C21 Canada board of directors for 1 year, is a founding and active member Edenwold first responders, is chair of Equal Voice Saskatchewan and is a member of the Equal Voice National Board of Directors.Email:


Kent Esplin - Subdivision 3

Born and raised in Balcarres, Kent Esplin is a married father of 2 children who are currently enrolled in the Prairie Valley School Division.  Esplin who is a Manager and Estimator is active in his community as a volunteer, fundraiser and Town Alderman.  Esplin is entering his first term as a Prairie Valley School Board member.

“As a parent, I wanted to have a first-hand perspective of the education process.  It is my objective to keep the division on the right path, moving forward and having the best schools and teachers for our future, our children.”


Fjestad, Deanna--003.jpg
Deanna Fjestad - Subdivision 4
Fjested is a retired Educator with a wide range of teaching experiences.    She was taught students from Kindergarten to university levels, in various locations including Saskatchewan, United States, Papua New Guinea, China and Gaza.  She is involved in her community of Wolseley, as a volunteer and committee member with several local organizations.
“I chose to be elected to the Prairie Valley School Board to see a new direction and influence in the field of education. The many ages of students and the wide varieties of place where I taught creates for me a broad understanding and diverse experience.”
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Henry (Jay) Jenkins - Subdivision 5
Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Jay Jenkins is a retired (supposedly) school bus driver for the Prairie Valley School Division.  Jenkins is actively in his community of Grenfell as a coordinator, director, and volunteer.  He also maintains the local FCL bulk plant.
“I want the children of my community to have the best education available. If I can make a difference then I will be happy.”
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Terry Berglund- Subdivision 6

Terry Berglund lives with her husband on a farm at Kennedy, Saskatchewan.  She has four adult children and is the proud grandparent to a grandson.

She achieved a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Regina and a Masters of Science in Speech/Language Pathology from the Minot State University.

Terry pioneered Speech/Language Pathology in communities throughout South East Saskatchewan, working in the field for 34 yearsbefore retiring from Prairie Valley School Division. She also is a volunteer in community organizations.

"I chose to be elected to the Board because I have a passion to ensure and support education for ALL children.  As a trustee I am committed to providing a voice for the School Community Council's and the communities from the sub-division at the Board level."


Janet Kotylak - Chair - Subdivision 7

Janet Kotylak is from Montmartre. Janet has worked in government as well as the private sector, and currently operates a livestock and grain farm with her husband Peter. They have three children. Their youngest attends school in Prairie Valley School Division and their older two young adults are in University. Janet is in her third term as board member.  She serves boards provincially as an elected representative of Southern Constituency to the Saskatchewan School Boards Association (SSBA). Janet was also appointed by the SSBA to serve as representative to the University of Regina Senate.​ 

"Attending school events and being "where the action is," with the students and staff, is a part of my job that I really enjoy. I value working with school community councils and representing the electorate by bringing their voice to the board table is very important to me."


Vacant - Subdivision 8
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Frank Thauberger - Subdivision 9

Thauberger is self-employed in the construction industry and he and his family are long term residents of the town of Balgonie.  He is currently the Mayor of Balgonie and extensively participates in his community.
“I want to ensure quality education for all students in the Prairie Valley School Division.”  
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Kenton Emery - Subdivision 10

Kenton Emery lives with his wife and two daughters in Grand Coulee.  Kenton obtained his certificate in Labour Relations from Queen’s University and has been employed in Labour Relations for 15 years.  Currently, he is self-employed as a Labour Relations consultant, offering his expertise to a variety of different clients. 

With two young children new to, and preparing to enter the School Division, Kenton saw the January by-election as an opportunity to help shape how his children’s education will be offered.  As a trustee working with the SCCs and representing the members of his community, he hopes to help Prairie Valley School Division move forward in a positive direction as we continue to adjust to the ever-changing landscape that the Education Sector has become. 
Kenton won his seat by acclimation in the January 2014 by-election.

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Rachel Sangwais - Subdivision 11