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Prairie Valley School Division
Board Members
​​The Prairie Valley School Division Board of Education is made up of members elected in 10 subdivisions in southeastern Saskatchewan, as well as an 11th member representing the Sakimay First Nation. Click here to view the subdivision map

  • Bert de GooijerBert de Gooijer
    Vice Chair - Subdivision 1
    Bert resides near Kelliher where he and his wife Joy operate a grain and cattle farm. They have two married adult children and two single adult children with four grandchildren. Bert is a graduate of the College of Agriculture at the University of Saskatchewan. Bert has served as a Board of Education member for the past 17 years. He is currently entering his 5th year as Board Vice-Chair and has participated in various Board Committees. He has represented the Board on the Public Sector of the SSBA. For 8 years with the past 5 years as Chair. He is involved in local community and church organizations. “I am committed to ensuring that out Board and province provide equitable, progressive, adequately funded Pre-K to 12 education to communities so our students grow into confident, knowledgeable engaged citizens.”
  • Verne BarberVerne Barber
    Subdivision 2
    Verne is a lifelong resident of Lumsden. He graduated from Lumsden High School and has a Bachelor of Arts in History and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Regina. He taught at Lumsden High School for 31 years and retired after the 2015-2016 school year. He is married to Margo, also a retired teacher, and have one son, Nash, who is currently in Grade 12 at Lumsden High School. He is very proud to have been a player or coach for 15 provincial championship teams in five different sports, all Lumsden based. He has 23 years as a Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation councillor, 12 years as a local association president, 12 years on Lumsden Town Council, eight years as Mayor of Lumsden, and he is currently the chair of the Saskatchewan Teachers Retirement Plan. Verne wanted to be a member of the Prairie Valley Board of Education to continue to work on behalf of students and staff in the Division and work together with fellow Board members to ensure the Division is open and welcoming to volunteers and community groups. “I am passionate about upholding respect for the history and traditions of our schools and their place in our communities.”
  • Marlene BlatterMarlene Blatter
    Subdivision 3
    Marlene resides in Fort Qu’Appelle with her husband, Doug, who is a former Board member of Prairie Valley. They are semi-retired with a business partnership. They have two sons and a daughter. Their oldest is attending Red Deer College, their middle child is pursuing a degree in justice at the University of Regina and their daughter is teaching in Good Spirit School Division. Marlene has a Bachelor of Education from the University of Saskatchewan as well as an Adult Education Certificate from the University of Alberta and an Alberta Victims Assistance Certificate from the RCMP. She was a substitute teacher at Prairie Valley School Division and Good Spirit School Division, a principal at Good Spirit School Division and Muskapetung First Nation, a vice principal at Cherry Coulee Christian Academy in Bow Island, Alberta, a teacher in Alberta at High Level, Warner and Bow Island and a teacher in Saskatchewan at Birch Hills, Saltcoats and Grayson. Marlene is a member of the STS, Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation and the ATA. Marlene wanted to be a member of the Prairie Valley Board of Education, because she believes in excellent education for students and desires to be a part of that future. To Marlene, education is the responsibility of every member of a community and has been her passion and vocation. “I want to provide student and communities with the best possible education through communication, cooperation, understanding and accountability as part of an effective board of governance.”
  • Jeffrey BaranJeffrey Baran
    Subdivision 4
    Jeffrey resides in Wolseley. He has two children and one grandchild. Jeffrey has a Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous Studies from the University of Regina. He is the vice president of sales and logistics at Prairie Wide Grain Inc. His past employment includes various jobs in the agricultural sector. He was also an academic English instructor at a college in Tokyo for the Government of Canada and an international marketer for a Japanese import and trading company in Tokyo. Verne wanted to be a member of the Prairie Valley Board of Education to do his part. “I want to ensure the continuation of quality education for all students in the Division.”
  • Denise CoutureDenise Couture
    Subdivision 5
    Denise is from Grenfell. She lives with her 16-year-old son and daughter, who are Grade 11 students at Grenfell High Community School. She has a high school diploma and is the bookkeeper at Pipestone Accounting Services Ltd. She has also worked as an insurance broker at Mainline Insurance Brokers, an administrative assistant at Y20 Accounting and Co-operators Life Insurance Co., a custodian, a self-employed caterer, and she held various positions at CIBC. Denise wanted to be a member of the Prairie Valley Board of Education to further understand why the system works the way it does and affect positive change. “As a parent, I am committed to ensuring that the Division offer the best education possible and produce the best results by using funds effectively.”
  • Terry BerglundTerry Berglund
    Subdivision 6
    Terry lives with her husband on a farm at Kennedy. She has four adult children and is the proud grandparent to a grandson. Terry has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Regina and a Masters of Science in Speech/Language Pathology from Minot State University. Terry pioneered speech/language pathology in various school division in southeast Saskatchewan and the Weyburn and Estevan Health Region, working in the field for 34 years before retiring from Prairie Valley School Division. Terry wanted to be a member of the Prairie Valley Board of Education to provide service to students by ensuring that all students in our rural school division are provided with equitable education. “As a board member I want to work with a team to provide the best education to our students. The voice of the communities are heard at the Board level during the decision making process.”
  • Janet KotylakJanet Kotylak
    Chair - Subdivision 7
    Janet is from Montmartre. She has worked in government as well as the private sector and currently operates a livestock and grain farm with her husband Peter. They have three children. Their youngest attends school in Prairie Valley School Division and their older two young adults are in university. Janet is in her third tenth year as board member. She serves boards provincially as an elected representative of Southern Constituency to the Saskatchewan School Boards Association (SSBA). Janet was also appointed by the SSBA to serve as representative to the University of Regina Senate.​ "Attending school events and being "where the action is" with the students and staff is a part of my job that I really enjoy. I value working with school community councils and representing the electorate. Bringing their voice to the board table is very important to me."
  • Judy BradleyJudy Bradley
    Subdivision 8
    Judy is a retired educator with over 25 years of experience. She lives with her husband in Milestone. They have grandchildren attending Milestone School and École White City School in Prairie Valley. Judy received a Bachelor of Science (Honours) and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Regina. She was a science teacher at Sheldon Williams Collegiate and taught Kindergarten to Grade 12 at Milestone School, retiring as principal, a role she held for 11 years. She served as a Member of the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan from 1991-1999. She was also Caucus Chairperson, Minister of Highways and Transportation and Minister Responsible for the Status of Women. She has served on many boards including the Science Centre and the Transportation Association of Canada. “I have a strong passion for equitable public education that meets the needs of all of our students rural or urban. I want to do my part to ensure that Prairie Valley School Division delivers the best education system possible for all of our students and communities.”
  • Frank ThaubergerFrank Thauberger
    Subdivision 9
    Frank is the mayor of Balgonie. He has a wife and two grown sons. Frank has been involved in constructing and renovating housing for 35 years. Upon retiring from the brewing industry, he started his own housing construction and renovation business. Frank has served on the recreation board, local school boards and fundraising committees. He is past president of the town’s minor hockey league and spent 10 years as a Balgonie councillor and mayor, participating on committees for maintenance, the library, social housing, grounds and land and the fire department. He is also a member of the White Butte Regional Planning Committee. For Frank, the most important part of being a trustee is ensuring that kids receive education and opportunities. I want to ensure that our students have a future and lead fruitful lives."
  • Kenton EmeryKenton Emery
    Subdivision 10
    Kenton lives with his wife and two daughters in Grand Coulee. Kenton obtained his certificate in Labour Relations from Queen’s University and has been employed in labour relations for 15 years. Currently, he is self-employed as a labour relations consultant, offering his expertise to a variety of different clients. With two young children new to and preparing to enter Prairie Valley School Division, Kenton saw being a board member as an opportunity to help shape how his children’s education will be offered. As a trustee working with school community councils and representing the members of his community, he hopes to help Prairie Valley School Division move forward in a positive direction as we continue to adjust to the ever-changing landscape that the education sector has become.
  • Rachel SangwaisRachel Sangwais
    Subdivision 11
    Rachel lives at Sakimay First Nations, 20 km northeast of Grenfell. She has three children: two sons who attend Grenfell High and a daughter who attends Goose Lake School at Sakimay First Nations. Rachel had a career as a youth worker and recreational technician before being elected to Sakimay First Nations Council in 2013. When she was first elected, she was given the education mandate and decided to become a school board member as an opportunity to connect with youth again. She was elected to Prairie Valley School Board in 2014. Rachel brings to the Board her experience with youth and a unique perspective as a young First Nations person. For Rachel, learning about the issues and concerns of our youth today and sharing in their successes is the most meaningful part of her work on the Board.