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Prairie Valley School Division
Located within Treaty 4 Territory
Job Descriptions

Below are a list of job descriptions for positions that exist within Prairie Valley School Division. They include the job purpose, primary responsibilities, required competencies, knowledge, skills and abilities as well as qualifications and working conditions.

Accounting Clerk.pdf
Administrative Assistant - School Based.pdf
Administrative Assistant.pdf
Athletics Commissioner.pdf
Bus Safety Presenter.pdf
Caretaker - School Based.pdf
Consultant - Health and Wellness.pdf
Consultant - Home-based Education.pdf
Consultant - Inclusion and Complex Needs.pdf
Consultant - Staff Development.pdf
Consultant - Subject Specific.pdf
Coordinator - Service Desk.pdf
Coordinator, Curriculum and Instruction.pdf
Coordinator, First Nations and Métis Education.pdf
Driver Trainer.pdf
Executive Assistant-Office Manager.pdf
Facilities Associate.pdf
Finance Associate.pdf
Human Resources Associate.pdf
Infrastructure Analyst - Microsoft.pdf
Infrastructure Analyst - Network and Recovery.pdf
Infrastructure Analyst - Web and  Applications.pdf
Liaison Worker.pdf
Library Assistant.pdf
Library Technician.pdf
Maintenance Technician.pdf
Manager of Accounting and Payroll.pdf
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