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Prairie Valley School Division
Located within Treaty 4 Territory
Looking At The Facts

​Saskatchewan Education High School Credit Requirements

Grade 10​ ​Grade 11 ​Grade 12 ​Total Credits

English Language Arts​

2 credits:
ELA A10 or A11
ELA B10 or B11​
1 credit :
ELA 20 or 21​
2 credits :
ELA A30 or A31
ELA B30 or B31​


1 credit :
Math 10 or 11​

Workplace &
Apprenticeship Math 10 or Foundations of
Math/Pre Calculus 10

1 credit :
Math 20 or 21​

Workplace & Apprenticeship Math 20 or Foundations of Math 20 or Pre Calculus 20

Science 1 credit :
Science 10 or 11​
1 credit:
Science 21, Science 31, 
Biology 30, Chemistry 30, 
Physics 30,
Computer Science 20 or
Computer Science 30​ ​ 
Earth Science 30
Environmental Science 20
Health Science 20
Physical Science 20
Social Sciences​

1 credit:
History 10 or 11
Native Studies 10
Social Studies 10​

1 credit:
History 20, History 21,
Native Studies 20, Social Studies 20, Law 30, Psychology 20, Psychology 30, Geography 20, Geography 30, Economics 20 or Economics 30​

1 credit:
History 30 or 31,

or Native Studies 30 or Social Studies

Health Education / Physical Education​ 1 credit:
Wellness 10, Physical Education 20 or Physical Education 30​ ​ ​
Arts Education / Practical & Applied Arts​ 2 credits:
Wide variety of courses offered​ ​ ​
Elective Courses​ 3 credits:
 at level 10, 20 or 30, and 6 credits at level 20 or 30​ ​ ​
Minimum Credits for Each Grade​ 8 Credits​ 16 Credits​ 24 Credits
5 must be Level 30​


High School Graduation Plan

Every spring PVSD students in Grades 9 through 11 select their courses for the upcoming school year. Talk to your teens about their choices. Ensure they have chosen the classes they need to pursue possible future career pathways of interest. It is much easier for students to obtain these required classes during high school than trying to access them upon graduation. Contact your school career counsellor with any questions you may have. Use the High School Graduation Plan below to record your child’s proposed and completed classes to help ensure he/she meets graduation requirements.

 High School Graduation Plan.pdfHigh School Graduation Plan.pdf


Additional Credit Options:

Special Project Credits: Student may earn up to three Special Project credits that can be used to fulfill elective requirements for graduation. Projects are based upon individual student interest and vary widely.


Apprenticeship Credits: Students may earn up to four high school level apprenticeship credits if they are employed under the supervision of a journeyperson in a job in which the hours worked are eligible for apprenticeship time credit through the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission. If your child will be working with a journeyperson, please contact your school’s administrator.


Royal Conservatory Credits: Student may earn up to three music credits (Music 10/20/30) that can be used to fulfill elective requirements for graduation. These credits are also considered towards entrance requirements for numerous post-secondary professional music programs. More information available at: acadinfo/accreditation.html.  


For various non-credit enrichment opportunities refer to the Enrichment & Travel Programs

table in Looking at Options section


Parent/Student Access To Homelogic

HomeLogic allows PVSD students and their parents to securely access student information via the Internet. Parents are assigned a unique login name and password from their student’s school. HomeLogic can be accessed at:

Home Logic can be used to check:

  • Daily attendance
  • Timetable
  • Current course marks and mark history
  • Assignment (subject area and due date)
  • School fees owing
  • Register classes during course selection time

​ ​