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School Community Councils
School Community Councils (SCCs) are school level advisory bodies required by provincial legislation in every school.  SCCs are comprised of elected and appointed members from a community who work to develop shared responsibility for the learning success and well-being of all children and youth within their schools and community.  SCCs also encourage and facilitate parent and community engagement.
Further information and documents related to school community councils may be found at the Ministry of Education’s School Community Councils (SCCs) Support Center.
Prairie Valley School Division SCC Contacts:
Derek Smith, Superintendent of Education - School Operations
Phone: (306) 949-6396
Ginny Buchko, Administrative Assistant
Phone:  (306) 949-7302
Resources for School Community Council members:
SCC Operations Manual - This document is a comprehensive guide for SCC members and includes how SCCs were established, operating principles and member roles, communications, membership, election procedures, constitutions, the administration of SCC funds and a number of appendices, forms and templates that may be used by SCCs.
SCC Yearly Work Plan - This document will assist SCCs to ensure that they know of any ministry or division mandated timelines including when to submit financial statements and year end reports.
School Community Councils at a Glance  - This document will show how SCCs operate at a glance.
Frequently Asked Questions about School Community Councils  - This document may provide some answers to frequently asked questions about SCCs.
Saskatchewan School Boards Association's Handbook for SCCs and Principals  - This document will assist your SCC in understanding its roles and responsibilities as outlined in legislation.
Financial Reports
These documents will assist your SCC treasurer to complete the SCC year-end and mid-year financial reporting as required.
Activity Reports
Annual Reports (activity reports of each SCC are included in the annual reports)