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Prairie Valley School Division
School Year Calendar

Annually, Prairie Valley School Divsion develops the calendar for the next school year. The Board reviews and approves the calendar and then submits the draft to the Ministry of Education for review. The final calendar is communicated to students, families, staff and stakeholders.


2017-2018 Board Approved Calendar

2017-2018 Six-Day Cycle Calendar

2017-2018 List of Important Dates



2016-2017 Board Approved Calendar

2016-2017 Six-Day Cycle Calendar

2016-2017 List of Important Dates


Previous Years

2015-2016 Board Approved Calendar

2014-2015 Board Approved Calendar

2013-2014 Board Approved Calendar

2012-2013 Board Approved Calendar

2012-13 Student Calendar.pdf
2013-2014 Student Calendar.pdf
2014-2015 Student Calendar.pdf
2015-2016 Calendar - 6 Day Cycle.pdf
2015-2016 Final School Year Calendar.pdf
2015-2016 Student Calendar.pdf
2016-2017 Board Approved Calendar.pdf
2016-2017 List of Important Dates (Student Calendar).pdf
2016-2017 Six-Day Cycle Calendar.pdf
2017-2018 Board Approved Calendar.pdf
2017-2018 List of Important Dates.pdf
2017-2018 Six-Day Cycle Calendar.pdf