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Summer Reading Tips

July 19, 2013

Research shows that kids who read for pleasure in the summer do better and forget less when they go back to school in the fall. We have all heard of the “summer slide” or summer learning loss. The best way to avoid falling back in learning is to keep reading over major school breaks.

A child who reads only 15 minutes a day over the summer months will have logged almost 1000 minutes of reading, or nearly 17 hours more than a child who doesn’t read.
We all get tired of hearing kids say, “I’m bored”.  Encourage your child to break up the summer boredom by getting lost in a book. Here are some great tips to get your kid hooked on reading.
1.       Read aloud together with your child every day. You can make it fun by reading outside – on the front steps, deck, at the beach or park. Ask your child to read to you, too!

2.       Set a good example! Let your kids see you choose reading as a pastime!

3.       Let kids choose what they want to read, no matter what it is. Magazines, manuals, and even maps can count as reading!
4.     Take your reading on the road. Borrow audiobooks from the public library to listen to on those long car rides.
5.     The library is a great excursion. Many local libraries offer summer programs, as well.

6.     Visit garage sales or book stores, and let your children buy books.
7.     Develop a family book club, or host a kids’ book club with their friends. Providing social opportunities for kids to discuss what they are reading encourages further reading.
8.     Trips can be a fun way to encourage reading. You can research aspects of the trip, and read billboards and signs along the way. Play word games to break up the time.
9.     Encourage your child to keep in touch with friends by becoming pen pals. They can keep in touch with postcards, letters or even emails.

10.   Create a family reading challenge. Find a booklist to read through, or log your minutes read. Any sort of challenge will breed excitement. Develop an incentive for the entire family if you meet your goals.