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Bert Fox Community High School
Think; Believe; Become
Dress Code

Students are reminded to consider whether the clothing they are choosing to wear is appropriate for school.  As part of the learning process, and to help students transition from school to the workplace, the dress code guidelines are based on work place appropriate clothing.  As a result, the expectations are that students will abide by the following guidelines: 

  • Cleavage covered.  It is preferred that there are no spaghetti straps and undergarments visible, as well as no bare backs, strapless or halter tops/dresses. 
  • Underwear is invisible.  It is expected that shirts will be long enough to cover boxers and underwear when students are in a sitting position. 
  • Mid-riff is covered.  It is expected that students will not expose their mid-riff when seated or extending arms above their shoulders.  
  • No short skirts or shorts.  A good guideline is that hemlines are as long as fingertips when arms are held in a relaxed position down by the sides of the body. 

We appreciate students abiding by these expectations in order to be respectful to themselves and others.  We appreciate parental support in these matters, similar to the support we have received from the Fort Qu’Appelle School Community Council.