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Box 429, 400 Lansdowne St., Cupar, SK, S0G 0Y0| (306)723-4660| Utility links
Cupar School
Responsibility, Respect, Leadership, Honesty
Principal's Message

We extend a welcome back to all staff and students, as well as a warm welcome to all new staff and students to our School.  We wish you all an amazing and productive school year.  At Cupar School, we offer a wide variety of opportunities for students and parents to be actively involved in our school.  From Athletic, Academic, Aesthetic, and Leadership activities, to our School Community Council, there is something for everyone.  We challenge you to become involved in as many of these great opportunities as possible, for it is your involvement that makes our school the great place that it is. 

We know that our students and the community remain committed to high academic standards, extra-curricular opportunities and positive student attitudes. We are proud of our school and want to ensure the best learning environment possible for our students!  Good organization, planning, and communication are an integral part of student success. 

The staff at Cupar School takes great pride in what we do. We strive to teach and live up to our values – RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, LEADERSHIP AND HONESTY by being a caring, supportive, nurturing, and collaborative professional learning community that focuses on what is best for students!

Best wishes to all for a super year of learning!

Mr. Murray Bruce