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215 3rd Avenue, Box 190, Edenwold, Saskatchewan, S0G 1K0| 306-771-4183| Utility links
Edenwold School
Connecting Life and Learning
Edenwold School Hand Book
Edenwold School
 “Connecting Life and Learning”
 “Nurturing and empowering all learners”
We are
We demonstrate our VALUES
Contact Info:
Box 190 Edenwold, SK S0G 1K0
Phone Number:    (306) 771-4183
Fax Number:         (306) 771-4169
Remind:Text”@eden123” to 519-968-0216

2018-2019 Staff:

Mr. Kelly Ireland - Principal/3-6 Teacher

Mrs. Lorelei Hall  - K-2 Teacher

Mrs. Kayla Fraser -3-6 & LST Teacher

Mrs. Kalene Stecyk (On Leave) - Teacher

Mrs. Leslie Switzer – Instructional Team Coach

Mrs. Katlyn Redding – Band Teacher

Mrs. Pat Chubb - Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Dixie Decelles – Educational Assistant                              

Ms. Stephanie ax   – Library Technician  

Mrs. Wendi Hubick  – Custodian

Mr. Glenn Whitney – Bus Driver


Bell Schedule:
8:50   Entrance Bell                    
12:10   Lunch Students Dismissed/Noon Recess
8:55   Classes Begin    
12:35   Entrance Bell
10:28-10:43 AM Recess            
12:40   Classes Begin
10:46  Classes Begin                  
2:13-2:28 PM Recess
11:45  Noon Dismissal  
2:30   Classes Begin
11:45-12:10 Student Lunch Period
3:30    Home Bell
Office Hours: Please visit or call between 8am and 3:30pm. Please leave a message if calling outside these hours or if no one is available to answer - we will return your call promptly.
Attendance: It is important for students to regularly attend school. Please attempt to schedule appointments and family getaways on non-school days. If this is not possible, please let the school know well in advance.  Should a student be absent due to illness, we ask that parents contact the school either by phone or email.  
Arrival time at school:  Supervision of students begins at 8:40 a.m. for non-bus students.  Non-bus students should not arrive at school prior to supervision time.
Billets: Students are required to have a billet within Edenwold in the event of extreme weather conditions. We can assist in this area as necessary; please keep the school informed of any changes to this information.
Bussing: Prairie Valley School Division provides transportation to and from school for students that live outside of town, within the approved Edenwold School boundaries. Regular bus riders need to let drivers know if their plans change before or after school. We would also appreciate notice at the school office, to avoid any confusion about where students need to be. There may be a time when a non-regular bus rider may request “courtesy transportation” on a regular bus route. Permission for this will be granted or denied by the school administrator and bus driver, as circumstances dictate. Please contact the school and driver as early as possible with such requests. Non-regular bus students will not be allowed to ride a bus without a completed and signed Transportation Approval Form, available from our office.
Check In/Out: To ensure the safety of all students and staff, we ask that you check in at the office before proceeding to classrooms or to pick up your children during the school day. We must account for all students at all times during the school day and ask for your cooperation in this area.
Inclement Weather/Emergencies:
The Prairie Valley School Division and Edenwold School web sites have policy information about this topic. If there is a question about the status of the school day or bus routes, information will be communicated in multiple ways – website, local radio, Synrevoice phone message, Remind text message, and possibly other methods. Please help us keep all students and staff safe by keeping your contact information up to date with our office.  
Library: Our library is a centre for many activities, from borrowing materials and working on projects to meeting space for teachers, parents and community members. Following are some guidelines students and parents should be aware of:
a.)      All materials being borrowed from the library must be scanned/signed out
b.)      Please respect other users by keeping noise and activity to an appropriate level
c.)      Lost materials will be charged to the individual who signed the item(s) out
Lunch Room:
a.)      All students eat lunch together in our lunch room from 11:45 to 12:10.  Students are encouraged to bring healthy items for lunch.
b.)      We have two microwaves available for student use. Please consider the time and “fuss” required for any items students are bringing for lunch
c.)       Students are responsible for cleaning up after themselves and older students will have extra responsibility in this area
Edenwold School Community Council
The Edenwold School Community Council (ESCC) was formed in February, 2007.  The Community Council works to support the school in achieving its goals by sponsoring initiatives, advising on activities, and promoting the school in and beyond the community of Edenwold.  We have a strong history of parental and community involvement and encourage all parents to consider ways they can contribute to the success of our students. In the past the school council has been responsible for organizing extra-curricular sporting events, financial support for resources needed to achieve school curricular goals, and celebrating achievements.
Meetings are held at least five times per year and are open to all community members. Please check the school website for meeting dates. The Annual General Meeting is held near the end of the school year (May/June), and is well advertised six weeks prior. Executive members are elected at the AGM.
2018-19 Edenwold School Community Council Executive
Chair –Jared  Clarke
Vice Chair - Tracy Boehme
Secretary Dana McGuinal                                       
SCC & PITS Treasurer – Ashley Gayton
PVSD Representative – Frank Thaubergerr
Members-At-Large – Melody Hill
Should you have any questions or would like to become involved with the council at any time, please feel free to contact any member of the council or the school. Remember, the ESCC is committed to making our school a better place and as such welcomes all community members!
Discipline Policy
All members of the Edenwold School community are committed to demonstrating our values and working with each other in a respectful and responsible manner. Our Discipline Policy allows us to deal with those times when there has been a demonstrated lack of appropriate behavior. Staff will work with students to help them correct any inappropriate behavior before it becomes a serious problem. The following steps will be used when student behavior does not meet school expectations.
Step 1: Warning: Reminder of school expectations, rules and procedures.           
Step 2: In-class time out:  If inappropriate behavior continues, problem solving strategies will be part of discussion before the student is allowed to rejoin the group or return to the activity
Step 3:  Out of class time: If inappropriate behavior continues, a “Pack Patch” to be completed and depending on severity or frequency, parent/guardian may be notified
Step 4:  In-school suspension:  When seriousness or frequency of inappropriate behavior warrants, students may receive an in-school suspension. Parents/guardians will be notified.
Step 5:  Out of school suspension: When seriousness or frequency of inappropriate behavior warrants, students may receive an out of school suspension.  Parents/guardian and school division personnel will be notified.