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215 3rd Avenue, Box 190, Edenwold, Saskatchewan, S0G 1K0| 306-771-4183| Utility links
Edenwold School
Connecting Life and Learning
Principal's Message
Hello!  My name is Kelly Ireland and I`m very excited to address you as the proud Principal of Edenwold School! This is my fifth year in this role and I look forward to continuing to develop connections between our school and community. I've truely enjoyed my first four years of getting to know students, staff, and community members. I fully expect this year to be even better as I look at all the plans we have for the upcoming school year!
For the 2018-19 school year we have over 30 students in grades K-6. Our staff this year consists of 6 full and part time/itinnerant teachers, 1 Educational Assistant, 1 Library Technician and 1 Admin Assistant. The level of attention students recieve in Edenwold School is the envy of anyone that has experienced a large, traditional school. "Every student, by name, by need" is simply the way we have always worked. I'm proud to point to our standing within the school division and province as evidence of our student's academic achievments.
Of course, an effective school is not built on acadmics alone. Extra-curricular opportunites are essential for students to fully develop as people. We offer students a good balance of athletic and creative activites, from track and badminton to yearbook and art clubs. A program that I'm especially proud of is our unique K-6 swimming program, strongly supported by our School Community Council. All students have a chance to develop their areas of strength as well as trying something new.
Respect, Kindness and Responsibility are the values that we emphasize as a school community. We ask students to demonstrate these values in all ways and celebrate examples of this happening throughout the school year. We also encourage students to use their "WITS" to solve problems and practice this program as a school. This year, our school will be using the "Growth Mindset" concept in all areas, adressing the curricular and behavioral development of all students. All of this adds up to a positive, safe learning environment that allows every student to achieve their full potential .
There is a strong tradition of cooperation between the school and community, from sharing facilities and equipment with the After-School Program to the incredible support of the School Community Council.  I strive to continue these positive relationships and expand them wherever possible. 
I look forward to meeting community members and extend an invitation to visit our school any time.  As well, I welcome your comments and questions - please feel free to contact me at your convenience.  Thank you for your time!
Kelly Ireland