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Safety Information

Dear parents and guardians,


In 2016, Prairie Valley School Division began a review process of the school emergency response protocol to standardize, simplify and clarify emergency response and safety processes and to build a single standard template for school safety plans consistent with RCMP SAFE (School Action for Emergencies) program requirements. 


Our review process included consultation with staff having many years of expertise and a focus group consisting of our principals, other school divisions in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta, experts from the University of Regina, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, RCMP, Regina Police Service, emergency measures organizations (EMO), and industry subject matter experts.


Our school division collaborates closely with local emergency personnel to ensure plans are coordinated with appropriate agencies; the division's plans do not replace the authority of the RCMP, fire, EMO or EMT.  Our staff work in full co-operation with these critical first responders whether they are volunteer or professional agencies and especially with the RCMP at the 14 detachments supporting our 39 schools.  This is imperative given our rural demographics and varied realistic response times RCMP are able to achieve in an emergency.


Throughout the year, schools conduct drills and practices to better prepare students and staff for possible emergencies.  All schools are required to conduct six fire drills, two lockdown drills, two evacuation drills, two shelter in place drills and two bus evacuation drills.  These exercises prepare students and staff to act quickly and help to minimize fear and confusion during a real emergency.


Each school has an on-site emergency response team, along with an Education Centre based emergency 'commander' who, as required, develops the supports needed to aid schools during an emergency.  Although standardized protocols and procedures provide the basis for our response, the way in which we respond to an emergency is greatly influenced by the specifics of an incident. We are driven foremost by our concern of ensuring student and staff safety.


When a school is confronted with an emergency, the School Incident Commander (most responsible person at site, which is typically the Principal) will assess the situation and decide on a course of action, with support from the Education Centre.  Primary response, decision and coordination of the event is managed on the ground at the site where the incident is occurring. 


All school instructional spaces and buses have a standardized Emergency Response Protocol flip chart providing specific and concise directives to be followed in a given emergency. The attached information guide for parents and guardians will help you better understand this protocol and also provides concise directives parents can follow should an emergency occur. We hope you find this guide helpful and informative; if you have any questions please contact your school's principal.



We appreciate your support and assistance in our continued safety efforts.



Kelly Ireland, Edenwold School Principal

Lyle Stecyk, Superintendent of Project Management


18-05-01 Parent Information School Safety Planning.pdf