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Emerald Ridge Elementary School
School Division #208
Programs and General Information



Council Meetings
Meeting Times:  6:30 - 8:30 p.m. in the Grove (school library). 
Meeting schedule is posted on the ERES Website - ERESCC tab. 
Babysitting is provided free of charge, just call the school office a day in advance to make arrangements at (306) 781-6025.
How you can get Involved
All parents are members of the Council and are welcome to attend meetings and / or participate in volunteer activities. This is an excellent way to contribute to the school (community); learn about Emerald Ridge Elementary School; and meet teachers, administrators and other parents. The Council is comprised of a group of voluntary board members. Your attendance at a meeting does not imply future voluntary commitments.
Year End Picnic –   A year end event is scheduled in June to mark the end of the school year.  Chair: Laurie Colhoun, Co-Chair: Tara Popil,  Co-Chair: Laurie Colhoun, Committee Members: Lindsay Dell
Room Parent Program - One or two parents from each classroom represent the parents in assisting the teacher with any number of tasks including field trips, baking, crafts, etc. Chair: Laurie Colhoun, Co-Chair: vacant, Committee Members: vacant
Fundraising - Once a year we organize a major magazine fundraising project to help raise money for events and programs. For example, the funds raised may be used to subsidize or pay for one field trip per class per year and purchase equipment for the kids to use.  Chair:  Andrea Herberholz, Co-Chair: Tara Lorenz, Committee Members: vacant
Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week –This is a national program every February, we spotlight our terrific staff and do special things for them – with the assistance of students and parents.  Chair: Rona Pipko, Co-Chair: vacant, Committee Members: vacant
Year End Volunteer Celebration - To recognize and thank parent volunteers for the numerous hours they impart throughout the school year, council members organize a volunteer celebration.  Chair: Samantha Mitschke-Hanna, Co-Chair: vacant, Committee Members: vacant
Playground Development - This committee manages and carries out fundraising initiatives for immediate and future development of our new playground at ERES.  Chair: Lisa Sali, Co-Chair: vacant, Committee Members: vacant
KidProof - Each year, ERES in conjuction with EWCS, offer two KidProof courses, At Home Alone and First Aid (Ages 10+). These workshops will be held in the École White City School Library and/or Emerald Ridge Elementary School Library.  Please contact Rona Pipko at for information or to be added to the email contact list.  More information can be found on the website
Chair: Rona Pipko, Co-Chair: vacant, Committee Members: vacant
Student Leadership Council (SLC) Parent Representative - To work Collaboratively with the SLC Teacher Advisor to assist in various activities throughout the school year.  Chair: vacant, Co-Chair: vacant, Committee Members: vacant
School Start School Supplies - ERESCC is pleased to bring to the Emerald Ridge Elementary School student body the option of ordering school supplies for the upcoming year online through the school supply ordering company, School Start.  Please watch for more information coming home with your child/children in the spring, for more information, please visit
Chair: Lisa Sali, Co-Chair: vacant, Committee Members: vacant
Fall Supper (needed in Fall of 2018) - A fundraising supper the committee hosts the fall of every second year.
Chair: vacant, Co-Chair: vacant, Committee Members: vacant
School Travel Plan - This committee's goal is to try and find safe ways for our children to get to and from school safely while promoting physical exercise.  We work in collaboration with ERES Administration, the Town of White city, White Butte RCMP, In Motion and parents in our community.
Chair: Tara Lorenz, Co-Chair: vacant,  Committee Members: Nicole Rueve
The School Council is involved in many programs and special events - we are always looking for parents to get involved.
If you would like more information, please contact Council Chair, Samantha Mitschke-Hanna at: