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 ‭(Hidden)‬ Career Education

Greenall School works closely with Regina District Industry Education Council (RDIEC) to provide students with opportunities to explore a variety of career options. RDIEC is the link between high schools and employers and works to ensure smooth transitions for students entering post-secondary training or the work force.
Greenall students can participate in RDIEC events by registering at GHS Career Services office.
"Career Spotlights" provide an opportunity for interested Grade 10-12 students to obtain information about a specific career area.  Presenters indicate to students what they do in their jobs, why they got involved in their profession and what they perceive to be the challenges and rewards.  Then students are involved in an activity which demonstrates some aspect of the presenter's work world.
These "Career Spotlights" sessions provide essential information to students, allowing them to make informed decisions as they prepare to transition from high school.  Through these experiences, students become aware of the opportunities and various career pathways available to them.  They acquire an understanding of how the work place has changed and how these changes will affect their future working lives.  Our community presenters provide students with timely and relevant information about the changing nature of work.  Equally important, students become aware of the skills and attitudes that are necessary to be successful in the present work environment.
Upcoming Career Spotlights:
This is a job training experience for interested students.  The goal here is to develop basic employment skills for students to add to their resumes in order to streamline the job application process. This experience will assist students in making informed decisions about future career choices. Students will complete SCOT and will be enrolled in SYA as well. Career Connections is designed for grade 10-12 students and will involve three steps:
1.  Skill Acquisition
This is an introduction to the career area through basic skill development.  This can be anywhere from a 15-50 hour commitment.  During this phase, the students will acquire industry specific entry level skills in the career highlighted.  During the last hours of this experience, potential employers from industry may be invited in to meet the students and view the skills they have learned.  The benefit to industry is to identify students that may have a skill set conducive to employment with them.
2.  Early Safety Training (ESTP)
The students will receive Basic First Aid, CPR and WHMIS from this step of the program.  This requires an approximate 25 hour commitment.  Students will have to complete the Young Workers Readiness Certificate prior to starting the safety training.
3.  Career Work Exploration High School Credit
If students would like to continue this program, there is the option for them to complete a work experience placement related to the skills they acquire and earn a Career and Work Exploration credit on their high school transcript.  The amount of time required in this step varies depending on the amount of time accumulated in the first 2 steps.  The total time commitment must be 100 hours.