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607 Bell St. , Box 1270, Indian Head, Saskatchewan, S0G 2K0| 306-695-3939| Utility links
Indian Head Elementary School
Encouraging Growth for Personal Excellence

​​Indian Head Elementary school offers the following extra-curricular activities:

  • SLC (Carmen Blayone and Andrea Fafard)
  • House Games (Garth Weisbrod)
  • Yearbook (Judy Warken and Laural Keck)
  • Flag Football (Patricia Pugh)
  • Badminton (Lisa Horsman)
  • Volleyball (Patrick Yee and Garth Weisbrod)
  • Cross Country (Patricia Pugh)
  • Choir (Lisa Horsman)
  • Basketball (Amy George and Amy Ferner)
  • Track and Field (Patrick Yee, Amy Ferner, Garth Weisbrod and Patricia Pugh)
  • Recycling C​lub (Jolene Nelson)
  • Move It Grade 2 (Kim Thauberger)
  • Curling (Patrick Yee, Carmen Blayone and Garth Weisbrod)
  • Craft Club (Angela Hassler)
  • Yoga (Andrea Fafard)
  • Walking Club (Alisa Omoth)