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607 Bell St. , Box 1270, Indian Head, Saskatchewan, S0G 2K0| 306-695-3939| Utility links
Indian Head Elementary School
Encouraging Growth for Personal Excellence
Student Services

Student Services Teacher - Mrs. Carmen Blayone

Speech Language Pathologist - Mrs. Carma Feland

Registered Psychologist - Mrs. Patricia Walker

Child & Family Support Worker - Ms. Jennifer Kuntz

Occupational Therapist - Mrs. Shauna McFadden

Student Services focuses on addressing the social, emotional and learning needs of students and families.
Support is provided through:
  • prevention
  • strength-based intervention
  • complex needs support with other agencies
  • critical incidents response

The student services team consists of a superintendent of student services who provides leadership for the division and ensures that supports are aligned effectively with the needs of the students.
Student services coordinators facilitate the alignment of school division resources.
The psychology team works as part of a larger group of professionals who collaborate to advocate for the best interests of the students.
Speech - Language Pathologists provide reading and language development support.
Occupational therapists assess students' abilities to learn and to be academically and socially successful in school.
Child and family support workers provide services to students and their families in areas of social skills development such as self esteem, behaviour management, and healthy relationships.
Student Services also consists of a student services consultant, who facilitates and supports mentorship and coaching programs to Student Services teachers; an early childhood support consultant to help parents, caregivers, playschool and other teachers meet the needs of young children; and administrative support staff.