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École Lumsden Elementary School
"Learning Every Step of the Way"
Mental Health Awareness



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Social Worker: 

Kayla Stefan, BA, MSW, RSW

School Social Worker, LHS, PVSD




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Kayla Stefan is LES's Child and Family Support Worker. Her role is to support students in a variety of ways: 

  • advocacy for students;
  • counseling services for high school students;
  • liaison with student, family and school
  • problem-solving and development of intervention and behavior plans;
  • referral and intervention planning with outside agencies;
  • collaboration with other professionals to develop intervention plans;
  • absenteeism, suspension, behavior management and drug/alcohol intervention and supports;
  • promotion of Positive Behaviour Interventions and Supports (PBIS) within the School Division.

As part of the Prairie Valley School Division Strategic Plan, the PVLS Social work team is focusing on creating awareness of Mental Health this school year. We will be implementing this 3 ways:

THE WELLNESS WALL- Bulletin boards on mental health including topics such as mindfulness, anxiety and depression, substance use, internet safety and sense of belonging.

MORNING MOTIVATION - A positive inspirational message or quote to be read during announcements weekly.

Resources from our PVLS Social Work Team- Check your school website often as resources will be added throughout the year



Does your child need help identifying the signs, symptoms and coping strategies for anxiety? This interactive site is an excellent resource if your child is looking for tools and strategies to help manage anxious thoughts and behaviours.

Looking for practical skills to manage stress, anxiety and depressive thoughts? This link will teach your youth ways to use their skills to calm themselves down. The skills mentioned include: calm breathing, a tense and release strategy, visualization activities, mindfulness exercises, and other helpful ways to stay balanced.

This Kids Help Phone resource provides additional interactive coping activities, as well as articles on how to help friends cope with anxiety, study-habit tips to reduce school anxiety, sleeping tips, and more.



Are you noticing some signs or symptoms of depression in your child or teen? The links below are a great resource to go through with your child if you are questioning their mental health. It describes what depression is, as well as signs, types, and treatments for depression, and what a child can do to start feeling better.'s-going-on/depression?&gclid=Cj0KCQjw1JbPBRCrARIsAOKj2PnpVDtii-MTLX3Z3jQxFZ0Gxy_T-xFxBktHWuFYB6k2WeguNTyqIkYaAuHcEALw_wcB

Not sure how to help your friend or another family member with their depression? This next link provides detailed tools to use, such as, listening without judgement, learning about depression, encouraging them seek help, staying alert for warning signs of suicide, and remembering to take care of yourself.


Diversity and Belongingness:

  • Includes a variety of activities for kids to celebrate and learn about various aspects of diversity including ability, gender, culture, race and social justice

  • Resources for supporting and celebrating the unique diversity within families

  • A great resource for kids that helps support them through a variety of diverse issue including bullying, LGBTQ, racism, multiculturalism etc. 

Drugs and Alcohol




The following is a list of apps that can be added to your electronic device to help you manage your mood and relax.  Give them a try!

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Crisis Text Line

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