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 Important Information and Dates

 12 to Trades Student Poster.pdf


12 to Trades Employment Program

Dear Student:

If you are a grade 12 graduate hoping to pursue a career in the trades after high school, the

12 to Trades Employment Program is for you.

The program starts on July 10, 2017 and involves a six-week commitment. Careful consideration should be taken before applying for this opportunity. The first week will provide you with workplace skills and safety training to ensure a successful work placement. In weeks 2 to 6, you will work in your trade choice. It should be noted that in most successful work placements, a full time employment offer soon follows.

Positions are available in a number of skilled trade areas. These include Carpentry, Millwork, Painting, Welding, Plumbing, Masonry, Electrical, Drywall Installation and Repair, Heavy Duty Mechanic, Steel Fabrication, Concrete, Building Exteriors, Flooring and Roofing to mention a few. You will be given workplace instruction specifically in the area of construction safety through the RTSC office prior to the start of your work placement. RTSC staff will be responsible for monitoring your progress and will also act as a support for both the employer and you. When accepted into the program, you will be paid competitive industry wages and given the opportunity to be successful in the trade of your choice.


1. Apply online at

- Pick the "12 to Trades" Program

2. Ask your teacher or career counsellor to email directly to

- Letter of recommendation

- Current school generated transcript

- Current school generated attendance profile

3. Attend "12 to Trades" Information session on Tuesday, May 9 @ 7pm at RTSC, 1275 Albert Street

- Your parent/guardian can accompany you to this session

4. Schedule an interview with a RTSC staff member

5. If accepted, you now have "your boot in the door" for an exciting opportunity in the skilled trades

May 5, 2017 is the deadline for applications and all supporting documentation.

More information about this program is available on the back of this sheet.

Any questions may be directed to Regina Trades and Skills Centre at 306-337-0533 or at





Do you know a Grade 12 student or recent high school graduate pursuing agriculture-related post-secondary education in the fall of 2017?

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture awards a grand-prize scholarship of $4,000 and three runner-up scholarships of $2,000 for students who thinkAG. Applicants need to produce a three-minute creative video or write a well-researched fact-based 1,000-word essay sharing their food story; and provide proof of acceptance to a post-secondary institution and a letter of recommendation from a teacher, agriculture industry or community leader. Note that immediate family of the Government of Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation employees are not eligible to apply.

The application deadline is March 1, 2017. Visit or contact for more information. Please help us spread the word!



Giving back to local youth who volunteer their time in order to improve their communities is something we feel strongly about. As a 100% Saskatchewan-owned, non-profit co-operative, social responsibility is at the forefront of everything we do.

The Access Scholarship Program recognizes graduating students who demonstrate exemplary community involvement as well as academic achievement. Since the launch of the program in 2005, we have awarded over $275,000 to Grade 12 graduates in over 170 communities. We are so proud that our support and involvement has helped these students pursue their dreams.

We are happy to announce that we will be refreshing the program in 2017. One major change is, Access Communications will be accepting the applications, reviewing and choosing the top 20 applicants throughout the province. This is a significant change from what we’ve done in previous years.

More information about the Scholarship Program will be emailed out and posted on our website at by the end of February. We thank you for supporting the program and making it a success throughout the past 15 years.

If you have questions about the program, please contact Beth Drozda at 306-565-5343, or 1-866-211-6334, ext. 5343. Email or contact your regional manager.


Beth Drozda

Access Communications Co-operative Limited

Career Services