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Milestone School
Developing Successful Learners and Responsible Citizens
Student Fee
Fees are to be paid at the commencement of the class or activity.
Payment can be made by cash or cheque directly to the office.  Cheques made out to Milestone School.
**We now accept e-Tranfers!!  Please contact the school with any questions.**



Student Fees Curricular​​




​Band​6 & 7​$35
​Band Trips​6-12​Cost Recovery
​PAA 10/20/30​10-12​$30 + additional charges for projects that are taken home
​Welding Gloves​10-12​$15
​PE 20/30​11 & 12​$30
​Excursions, trips (Science Center, skiing, Outdoor Ed, etc.)​K-12​Cost Recovery
​Drama/Theatre Arts​10-12​$30
​Wildlife 20​11/12​$30
​Design Studies​10-12​$30
​Replacement of Locks, textbooks, resource materials, uniforms, etc.​K-12​At Cost



Student Fees

Extra Curricular​​




​Senior Girls Volleyball - travel​10-12​$50

​Other Sports travel and expenses (referees, etc.)  Track & Field, Badminton, Jr. Volleyball, flag football, curling, etc.

​Drama (participation in Regional Drama Festival)​5-12​Cost Recovery
​Cooking Club​5-12

​$20 per quarter                                                       (Sept - Dec, Jan - Mar, Apr - June)

​6-man tackle football (travel, camp, officials, etc.)​9-12​$125
​6-man tackle football - new player fee (girdle, mouth guard, ball, socks, etc.)​9-12​$72
​Graduation​12​$35 (not including banquet cost)