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2017-18 Fundraising

Hat Days
September 27 - $164, donated to the Terry Fox Foundation.​

​​​​Mom's Pantry - 2016-17 Major Fundraiser - Reported November 2, 2016

As a school, we sold $14,772.25 worth of Mom's Pantry and made a profit of $5,199.70, which is 35.2% of sales. 

This fundraised money will be used for the following:

  • ​Awards Banquet $1000.00
  • Bus expenses for We Day and Ski Trip $2030.00
  • Extra-Curr Entry Fees $1500.00
  • Fundraiser expenses (pizza parties/popcorn and movie parties for winning classes) $500.00
  • Terry Fox Water and assembly prizes $100.00
  • School-wide DEAR challenge Timbits for students $70.00


School Bingo- March 31, 2017

At our annual school bingo we fundraised a total of $1,070.57.

We will be using these funds for year end field trips.


Hat Days - 2016-17

  • ​​October - $302 (to Senior Girls Volleyball Team entry fees)
  • November - $218 (SLC assembly expenses for throughout the year)
  • December - $178 (Grade 12 class trip)
  • January and February - $308 (Telemiracle 2017)
  • March- $154 (Grade 5/6 Field Trip)
  • April- $273.45 (Donated to Breast Cancer Foundation)

Terry Fox National School Run Day - September 2016

On September 30th Montmartre School students ran on the Walking Trail at Kemoca Park for our Annual Terry Fox Run.  Students did a fantastic job of getting pledges for the run and we are very pleased to announce that $6 144.70 will be donated to the Terry Fox Foundation for Cancer Research.

Thank you to all of the Community members that donated to this worthy cause!