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Montmartre School
Leading each other through academics, values and a caring school

School Community Council (SCC)

Bringing together school, home and community!

​Mission Statement:  The Montmartre SCC is committed to encouraging student learning and achievement by connecting school and families and building community partnerships.

How you can get Involved: All parents are invited to attend meetings and/or participate in volunteer activities. This is an excellent way to get to involved with Montmartre School and meet other parents. The SCC is comprised of a group of voluntary board members. Your attendance at a meeting does not imply future voluntary commitments.  To Become an SCC member, please contact Lance Pollard, Principal, at 306-424-2422 or Carla Dusyk, Chairperson, at 306-424-2721 or attend a meeting.  MSCC Brochure4.pdf

Welcome to SCC Meetings: At this time of the year, meetings take place generally the third or fourth Tuesday of the month at 3:30 in the staff room of the school.                       
Next Meeting: June 19, 2018, at 3:30.

Click here for a current list of Members and Meeting Dates: SCC Member Information Sheet Montmartre.pdf  

NOTE: Meetings times may change; advance warning will be communicated to parents on our Facebook Page

Programs & Activities:

Click here for Activites and Financial Plan for 2017-2018: Annual Activity and Financial Plan2017-2018 .pdf

>Carla spoke at the Grad ceremonies.
>Host a BBQ for the Grade 12 class in courtyard as a way to congratulate them.
>Give out Grade 1 and Kindergarten book bags to promote summer reading

>As a tribute to Adam Herold, the SCC is cleaning up the court yard and purchasing games to be played there.  It will give the senior students a place to hang out.
>We gave K-kits to pre-kindergarten students and Carla did a presentation to parents

>Asked to assist at BBQ put on by PVSD in support of staff and students on April 27.
>Attended and presented at SCC Regional Meeting in Wolseley on April 17. Great job Sandy Kerbs.

>Judged at Heritage Fair Mach 21
>Donation of $275 to presentation on Cyberbulling by Brian Trainor - March 14
>Math Night - March 8 - Math night was enjoyed by approximately 70 students as they learned that math can be fun. Elementary enjoyed scavenger hunt, relays on scooters, paper airplane making and throwing, bingo and more. The Middle Years' Escape Room had a Minecraft theme, and the High School Escape Room's theme was Island Escape! Thank you Sabrina Goldfinch, Angela Englot and all other parents who came out and helped. As well thank you to teachers; Charlotte Shevalier, Corinna Michaels, Kim Bircher and Kelly Brueckner for your help and presence. Things run a lot smoother with your help

>Finished draft constitution.
>Hot lunch - February 16. Proceeds to subsidize pink t-shirts and cyberbulling presentation.
>Staff appreciation - on the morning of February 12 the SCC brought in a variety of homemade muffins, fruit tray, cheeses, creamers and coffee. Thank you staff at Montmartre School for all you do!!

>Received $1885 from PVSD for committee expenses. 
>Established a subcommittee to update constitution.

>Thank you Plainsview Credit Union for your donation of $500 to put towards the purchase of the Willow Award Books in June.
>Made hams for Community Potluck, provided hand sanitizer and helped serve.

>We now have babysitters in place for members who need it.  Thank you Breeann Kerbs with your help with this. 
>Provided supervision for students during a lunch hour staff meeting with Director.
>Attended Open House and served cookies and ice tea.
>Started updating the MSCC constitution.

>A Cookie and a Book – Read a story to elementary grades during lunch hour while they are eating and then after lunch give them a cookie.  Thank you Jolene Dusyk and Angela Englot who volunteered to read.
>Provide cookies and support for the Open House on Wednesday, October 18, during Education Week.  Theme for Education Week is Building Our Future By Learning Together.
>Update SCC webpage - Thank you so much Jenna and Lance for your help with this.
>Provide supervision for students during a staff luncheon.  Thank you Renate Selinger and Jennifer Knoll for helping out with this.
>Provide $550 for purchase of monthly prizes for Eagle Citizenship Awards.

>Welcome Back BBQ – Thank you to the Plainsview Credit Union staff, Skeeter Haus, Vic Tholl and students, Montmartre Co-op and Sharon May/Kemoca Park for your help and support.  Cost of BBQ $690, income $705.  $25 was donated to the Terry Fox Run.

 Thriving schools happen with the support of parents and community!

Raise a Reader: Two ways to "Raise a Reader" are to read to your children daily and use local libraries.


By Cleo V. Swarat

I dreamed I stood in a studio and watched two sculptors there.
The clay they used was a young child's mind and they fashioned it with care.

One was a teacher; the tools she used were books and music and art.
One was a parent, with a guiding hand and gentle loving heart.

And when at last their work was done, they were proud
of what they had wrought.
For the things they had worked into the child, could never be sold or bought!

And each agreed she would have failed if she had worked alone.
For behind the parent stood the school, and behind the teacher stood the home!

Minutes from Montmartre 2017-18 SCC:
MSCC Minutes Sept 2017.docx
MSCC Minutes Oct 2017.docx
MSCC Minutes Nov 2017.docx
MSCC AGM Minutes Nov 14 2017.docx

Minutes from Montmartre 2016-17 SCC:

SCC September 2016.doc

SCC October 2016.docx

SCC November 2016.doc

​​​SCC December, 2016.docx

SCC January, 2017.docx

SCC February, 2017.doc

SCC March, 2017.docx

SCC April, 2017.docx

SCC May, 2017.docx

SCC June, 2017.docx

June 2016 meeting minutes

​Minutes from 2015-16 Academic Year:

March 2013 minutes.pdfMarch 2013.pdf

April 2013 minutes.pdfApril 2013.pdf

 Montmartre School Council Meeting October 2014.pdfOctober 2014.pdf

Montmartre School Council Meeting November 2014.pdfNovember 2014.pdf

Montmartre School Council Meeting Annual Meeting 2014.pdfAnnual Meeting 2014.pdf

January 2015 Minutes.pdfJanuary 2015.pdf 

scc april 2015.pdfApril 2015.pdf

September-2015 SCC Minutes.pdfSeptember-2015 SCC Minutes.pdf 

September 2015 SCC meeting munites page 2.pdfSeptember 2015 SCC meeting munites page 2.pdf

Montmartre School Council Meeting Annual Meeting 2015.pdfMontmartre School Council Meeting Annual Meeting 2015.pdf

SCC minutes Nov 2015.pdfSCC minutes Nov 2015.pdf

SCC 2016 Jan.pdf

SCC Mar 16.pdf

Montmartre School Community Council minutes-April 5 2016.pdf

SCC May 16.pdf 

2017 MSCC AGM Minutes Nov 14.docx
11/30/2017 2:44 PMLance Pollard
2017 MSCC Minutes Nov 14.docx
11/30/2017 2:43 PMLance Pollard
Activites and Financial Plan.pdf
11/22/2017 2:27 PMJenna Herold
-Activites and Financial Plan.pdf
11/22/2017 2:35 PMJenna Herold
Activites and Financial Plan-.pdf .pdf
11/22/2017 2:33 PMJenna Herold
Annual Activity and Financial Plan2017-2018 .pdf
2/12/2018 8:42 AMJenna Herold
Annual Meeting Nov 2012.pdf
11/28/2012 8:12 AMAngela Byrnes
April 2012 minutes.docx
5/10/2012 10:43 AMAngela Byrnes
April 2013 minutes.pdf
5/7/2013 7:50 AMAngela Byrnes
9/14/2017 2:20 PMLance Pollard
Click here for Activites and Financial Plan.docx
11/22/2017 2:24 PMJenna Herold
December 2012 Minutes.pdf
1/11/2013 11:02 AMAngela Byrnes
February 2013 minutes.pdf
4/9/2013 1:17 PMAngela Byrnes
January 2015 Minutes.pdf
4/29/2015 9:17 AMCheryl Blomquist
June 2016 meeting minutes approved.doc
9/13/2016 1:42 PMLance Pollard
March 2013 minutes.pdf
4/9/2013 1:18 PMAngela Byrnes
Montmartre School Community Council minutes-April 5 2016.pdf
5/19/2016 8:04 AMCheryl Blomquist
Montmartre School Council Meeting Annual Meeting 2014.pdf
4/29/2015 9:19 AMCheryl Blomquist
Montmartre School Council Meeting Annual Meeting 2015.pdf
11/24/2015 9:35 AMCheryl Blomquist
Montmartre School Council Meeting November 2014.pdf
4/29/2015 9:19 AMCheryl Blomquist
MSCC Brochure4.pdf
2/12/2018 9:16 AMJenna Herold
MSCC Minutes April 26 2017.docx
5/31/2017 3:04 PMLance Pollard
MSCC minutes December 6, 2016.docx
1/24/2017 2:08 PMLance Pollard
MSCC Minutes Feb 7, 2017.doc
3/30/2017 11:54 AMLance Pollard
MSCC minutes January 10, 2017.docx
1/24/2017 2:09 PMLance Pollard
MSCC Minutes June 22 2017.docx
9/6/2017 3:06 PMLance Pollard
MSCC Minutes March 28.docx
3/30/2017 11:54 AMLance Pollard
MSCC Minutes May 30 2017.docx
5/31/2017 3:05 PMLance Pollard
MSCC Minutes Oct 10 2017.docx
11/30/2017 2:43 PMLance Pollard
MSCC Minutes Sept 12 2017.docx
11/30/2017 2:43 PMLance Pollard
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