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Box 10, 201 Chickney Ave., Lemberg, SK, S0A 2B0| (306)335-2363| Utility links
North Valley High School
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Staff Directory

‚ÄčTeaching Staff

Principal: Mrs. Tanya Lowenberger

Mr. Bob Mayo

Mrs. Jill Lubachowski

Ms. Karie Dovell

Mr. Chris Langdon

Miss. Meaghan Cross


Support Staff

Administrator Assistant: Mrs. Connie Michael

Library Associate: Mrs. Kathy Miller

Educational Assistant: Mrs. Darlene Peace


Special Services

Mrs. Jill Lubachowski: Student Services Teacher

Mrs. Jen Bieber: Career Guidance

Mrs. Davina Fortin: Teacher-Librarian (Days 3 & 6)

Kristen Kuntz: Band Instructor 



Bob & Darlene Peace