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Box 390, 301 6th Street, Pilot Butte, Saskatchewan, S0G 3Z0| (306) 781-4488| Utility links
Pilot Butte School


 The Pilot Butte School Prekindergarten program is part of a Prairie Valley School Division and Ministry of Education partnership with the aim of providing targeted prekindergarten programs for selected children.  The program is a high quality, age-appropriate, play-based experience for three- and four-year olds in our school setting.

 Prekindergarten in Saskatchewan provides:

  • Holistic child development (social-emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual development);
  • A minimum of 12 hours of programming per week for 10 months of the year;
  • 16 children per class;
  • A qualified teacher.

Family engagement is a major component of Prekindergarten. Engaging families includes connecting to the school, understanding how to support children in their growth and learning and gaining skills in early childhood development


The Prekindergarten program targets vulnerable three- and four-year-old children and their families.

Each school division selects which children will be placed in available Prekindergarten programs.

School divisions consider the following circumstances when selecting children for the Prekindergarten program:

  • Socio-economic factors of the child's family;
  • Single or teen parent;
  • Family crisis;
  • Child/family isolation;
  • Language or communication delays;
  • Social, emotional or behaviour challenges; and
  • Home language is one other than English.