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Box 390, 301 6th Street, Pilot Butte, Saskatchewan, S0G 3Z0| (306) 781-4488| Utility links
Pilot Butte School

"Bridging School and Community"                  "Promoting Common Values"


 PBSCC Volunteer Opportunities

Our SCC hosts a variety of activities and events which require parent volunteers.  Though we encourage direct participation on our SCC, following you will find a list of upcoming events.  If you are able or interested in helping out, please email and one of our PBSCC members will contact you.


PVSD School Community Councils Purpose

- To work with families and community members to:

     - Develop shared responsibility in the school and community for the learning

       success and well-being of children and youth

     - Encourage families, community members and youth to be involved in school

       planning and improvement


PVSD School Community Councils Roles and Responsibilities

- Understand and communicate the needs and goals for students' learning in

   their school and communities

- Develop supports for the school's learning improvement plan

- Communicate to parents and other stakeholders about the role and actions of

   SCC and the school

- Account for the funds that are spent through the school community council

- Participate in SCC training, orientation and development

- SCCs should NOT discuss or be given access to personal/confidential

   information regarding students, staff or families

- Other roles:

     - Assist the school, administration or staff in any initiatives or programs

       deemed to assist students in any way

     - Support improved student learning outcomes and the school's learning

       improvement plan

     - communicate with the PVSD Board - help to clarify and reinforce the Board's

       role, Division protocols, procedures, directions or initiatives