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Prairie Valley School Division
Located within Treaty 4 Territory
Faculty of Education Selection Criteria


​The general early conditional admission to the university is standard throughout all faculties; however, admission to Education is competitive entry based on grades, your various activities, especially those with children, and your personal statement essay. Preference is given to Sask. residents. 

The following information (although dated - based upon information as of Oct 2004)) is still useful to note when preparing the Teacher's Education Application Profile.
The selection criteria used for admission include:
a) " Academic Preparation Tips – Early planning and preparation are key for meeting academic requirements. The high school averages of those students accepted in to the Faculty of Education for 2003 ranged from 69% to 97% . Most students accepted into a Faculty of Education program have between a B to A+ average."
b) "Teaching Related Experience Tips – Applicants should have extensive  and varied experiences working with groups of children or youth and with exceptional children. These experiences may include, but are not limited to: volunteering to lead a youth group, volunteering for community activities, teaching at summer programs or camps, coaching a team, assisting in a classroom, daycare centre, nursery school or library program, engaging in drama, music, public speaking and sport activities, participating in extra-curricular activities in high school and university, and participating in student government in high school and university." 

"Applicants should have a demonstrated commitment to teaching and interacting with children and youth. Teaching and life experiences should contribute to expectations and responsibilities associated with the teacher education program to which the student is applying. Students applying to Arts Education should have fine arts experiences related to the majors in arts education such as visual art, dance, drama, music and literature. Students applying to Elementary Education should have experiences related to children or youth such as assisting in a preschool class, teaching in a religious setting, life guarding, community events involving young children. Students applying to Music Education should have musical experiences with children and youth, demonstrated musical ability in a particular are, and a keen interest in music. Students applying to Baccalaureat en Education should have experiences related to children or youth, and proficiency in French. French language evaluation sessions are held in Saskatoon and Regina in April and early May. Students applying to Secondary Education should have experiences, proficiencies, and interest related to the various program majors. As each individual's experience in unique, there is no magic formula of experiences that makes a successful applicant but a demonstrated interest and ability is a start in the right direction."
c) Personal Statement - "The Personal Statement (essay) Component should address the assigned topic with unity, cohesiveness, style and form. It should reflect the applicant's individual unique personal response to the prompt. Tips for the Personal Statement: Unity - address the assigned topic, Cohesiveness - essay is well organized, Style - express self with fluency in terms of vocabulary and style and Form - follows conventions of writing (use of paragraphs, correct sentence structure, spelling and punctuation)."
d) Special Consideration: "In addition to academic requirements, teaching related experience, and the personal statement, in its selection process the Faculty of Education takes into account principles of equity and inclusion such as those related to culture, race, disabilities, and gender. Applicants, who believe they warrant special consideration related to the principles of equity ad inclusion, are invited to describe their circumstances."
For Teacher Education Admission Profiles (TEAPs) - the Education application and the U of R general entrance application, please go to the following link: