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Prairie Valley School Division
Located within Treaty 4 Territory

  • Apprenticeship is an “earn while you learn” system of building a career with 50 trades to choose from in Saskatchewan. The “apprentice” learns the skills of the trade under the supervision of an expert “journeyperson.”
  • To be eligible for apprenticeship training one must be employed in the trade and submit an application to register for an apprenticeship contract. After the application has been processed and approved, a training coordinator will schedule the employee in the first available technical training space. The rest of the time the apprentice will be working and learning on-the-job. Designated trades in Saskatchewan take from two to four years to complete. Therefore, on average, an apprentice attends technical training once a year for eight weeks for four years.
  • The apprenticeship board does not keep lists of employers looking to hire apprentices. It is up to the individuals to find a job in their chosen field. Some individuals apply to SIAST or other training providers before becoming employed in order to take a pre-employment type course. These courses usually assist people in finding initial employment in the trade they are interested. If you can find a job without pre-employment, taking this training is not necessary.