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Prairie Valley School Division
Located within Treaty 4 Territory
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MyBlueprint -

All students in Prairie Valley School Division have access to MyBlueprint. Usernames and passwords can be obtained from the school career counsellor.  Students can log in to MyBlueprint from any Internet access.

MyBlueprint is an Internet based career education and planning program with the tools students need to make the most informed decisions about their future.

MyBlueprint takes a 4-step approach to career education:

LEARN - Students actively learn about their interests, skills, passions, and feelings, and document what they discover about themselves in pictures, videos, and journals.

EXPLORE - Students explore their opportunities in school, the community, or in post-secondary, and the world of work, rooted in their own self-knowledge.

REFLECT - Students reflect on who they want to become and set goals for their education, leisure, community life, and work that will keep them engaged and happy.

PLAN - Students create an individualized plan to help them achieve their goals, transition to secondary school and post-secondary, and successfully shape their future.


The EDUCATION PLANNER tool has several great features that allow students to:

1.    Discover yourself

Five comprehensive Who Am I assessments help students discover their learning and personality styles, interests, desired knowledge, and motivation factors. Job specific compatibility surveys unlock powerful occupation matches based on real-world tasks to better inform student self-discovery.

2.    Track towards graduation and beyond

The high school course planner (with optional Student Information System (SIS) integration) allows students to visually plan towards province-specific graduation requirements while instantly discovering their eligibility for every post-secondary pathway in Canada.

3.    Explore your opportunities

Backward or forward planning with the most comprehensive post-secondary and career databases. Search, filter, and compare local, province-specific information on apprenticeships, programs, and occupations to ensure students make better decisions and are more prepared for the future.

4.    Record and share what matters

Keep track of important experiences, activities, achievements, skills, and more with highly configurable resume and cover letter builders. Classroom, core competency, or career portfolios (to name a few) help convey student learning with documents, images, videos, and more. Students can then easily share an interactive portfolio link with others.

5.    Learn real world skills

Understand the basics of money management and improve your financial literacy with actionable budgets, learn how to set and track towards SMART goals, and discover what local employers are looking for with job search tools that provide local, up-to-date listings tied directly to your occupations of interest.



Career Portfolio Development

All Prairie Valley School Division students will graduate with personal career portfolios. Student career portfolios are saved via the Internet into Career Cruising and accessed by individual login information.
What is a Career Portfolio? A portfolio is a place for you to organize information about yourself related to your education, training, work experience, contributions and accomplishments. A portfolio is like a portable container
used to keep a collection of documents, badges, school projects, certificates, photographs and report cards.
A portfolio showcases an individual’s strengths and development over time. As a person constantly grows and
changes, the collection in a portfolio can be updated and kept current. An electronic portfolio is just one type of container that can be used to store your information and keep it organized.
A career portfolio is a useful tool when looking for a job, preparing for an interview, introducing oneself to an employer and applying for an award or scholarship.


Minimum Requirements
  • Resume
  • "Who am I" and goal setting completed in MyBlueprint
  • Grade 12 students must state their plans for the year following high school to their Career Counselor to record in the Post Grad Plan. 


Recommended Items To Include

  • Cover Letter
  • Photograph
  • Transcript
  • A section including awards, certificates, samples of work, reference letters, etc.

Self-Assessment Inventories

Some teens seem to know exactly what they want to do upon graduation but for others, making this decision is much
more of a challenge! The best way to ensure your teen chooses something that “fits” is for them to explore what they
like to do and what they do not like to do.

Self-assessment inventories are useful tools to identify personal strengths and
skills and to help narrow down career choices.


Today’s employers are looking for individuals who can demonstrate a number of the following skills:

  • Essential Skills: These are the skills that an individual needs for work, learning and life. They are used in nearly
    every occupation and throughout daily life. Essential skills provide the foundation for learning all other
    skills and enable people to adapt to a continually changing workplace.
    These skills include: reading text, document use, numeracy, writing, oral communication, working with others,
    continuous learning, thinking skills and computer skills.
  • Employability Skills: These are the skills that are critical to an individual’s success in the workplace.
    These include: skills in communication, problem solving, positive attitudes and behaviours, adaptability, working
    with others, science, technology and mathematics.


MyBueprint ( provides several types of self assessment inventories including Learning Styles, Personality Styles, Personal Interests, Desired Knowledge, and Motivation. There are thousands of career assessment sites out there that are easy to access and free!  Here are a few of the best to get you started:

Career Assessment Sites: