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​Parents' Role in Career Planning

Parents play a key role in the Career Planning Process and are the single most influential factor in their child’s education and career decisions.


Today a career is so much more than simply selecting a job. A career is the sum of one’s entire life experiences.  It includes one’s work, family and community roles along with one’s learning, hobby and leisure activities.


Your child’s career path will be a journey with unexpected turns, pit stops, detours and a constantly changing destination.


As a parent, you play an important role in supporting your child along this journey with encouragement and information during each step and in helping to prepare your child for both the challenges and successes along the way.

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The High-Five Principles

Avoid Becoming Overwhelmed With So Many Options To Explore!
Follow These Five Simple Rules:
The High-Five Principles.jpg

Parent Reminders:

  • Talk, share and encourage your teen so that they can . . . FOLLOW THEIR HEART
  • Seek assistance and information by . . . ACCESSING YOUR ALLIES
  • Stay current and up-to-date with the latest information because . . . CHANGE IS CONSTANT
  • Promote learning because . . . LEARNING IS LIFELONG
  • Assist your child to organize and maintain personal career information so they can . . . FOCUS ON THE JOURNEY​