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Prairie Valley School Division
Located within Treaty 4 Territory
Home-based Education

Families living within the Prairie Valley School Division electing to provide home-based education must register with the Prairie Valley School Division before commencing their program. Home-based educators must also submit the Notice of Intent and Registration Form for Home-based Education along with their written Education Plan to fulfill requirements for registration - see below for details and templates.

Note: Parents are required to give at least 30-days notice to the school division before commencing a new home-based education program, whether at the beginning or in the middle of a school year.

Registration Deadlines

Registration is valid until the end of the school year for which registration is granted. This means registrations and renewals for each school year must be completed by August 15 and must contain a written education plan.

A conference may be scheduled at the time of renewal if deemed necessary by the superintendent responsible for home-based education or if requested by parents.

Your Written Educational Plan

The intent of the written educational plan is for home-based educators to demonstrate that there is a positive and constructive approach to the education of their children. The plan should be age and ability appropriate and consistent with The Goals of Education for Saskatchewan.

The written educational plan is focused on the outcomes of the home-based learner and includes:

  • The reason and philosophical approach.
  • A minimum of three broad annual goals in each of the four areas of study for each student.
  • The means of assessing and recording the educational progress of each annual goal.
  • The services that the home-based educator intends to access from the school division. 

Educational Plan Templates

Education Plan Template
Grade 1 to 9 Education Plan Example
Grade 10 to 12 Education Plan Example

Prairie Valley's official responsible for home-based education is available to help home-based educators with the written educational plan. 

Your Annual Progress Report

Home-based educators must also provide an annual progress report by June 15th of the school year unless other arrangements have been made.

The annual progress report shall include a portfolio of work or test results as outlined in The Home-Based Education Program Regulations. The portfolio of work includes:

A summative record summarizes the learner's educational progress at the end of the year. It is an assessment of your own program and refers back to your education plan. It may include:

  • Comments on what the learner enjoyed about the subject matter and how they handled the material.
  • Comments on what concepts or understandings are now in place.
  • Comments on areas that are a concern that will continue to be addressed the following year.

Test results must include the home-based learner's results from a nationally normed standardized achievement test. If the home-based educator does not administer the test, another qualified person may administer the test. The tester's qualifications must be provided to the school division prior to the test being administered.

Annual Progress Report Tools and Templates

Annual Progress Report FAQs
Periodic Log Template
Summative Record Template
Year-End Rationale of Work Sample Template​

Summative Record Example - Elementary Grades
Summative Record Example - High School Grades
Year-End Rationale of Work Sample Example

Upon request, conferences may be scheduled to review a portfolio of the home-based learner's work and cumulative record.

Services and Supports

Prairie Valley School Division offers many supports to home-based learners, including:

  • Curriculum guidance
  • Textbooks and learning resources
  • Access to resource centers
  • Access to individual courses in a school
  • Assessment tools
  • Participation in extracurricular activities
  • Driver education
  • Reimbursement of approved actual expenses up to a maximum of $500 per year ($250 for Kindergarten students)
  • Access to two distance learning courses per year (Grade 10 to 12)​


School Division's Role

Prairie Valley School Division has a responsibility to monitor the progress of all home-based learners. The official responsible for home-based education ensures home-based education programs operate in compliance with The Education Act, 1995 as well as The Home-Based Education Regulations and AP2700 – Home-Based Education. The division will:

  • Monitor home-based education programs.
  • Provide educational consultation.
  • Assess progress on home-based educational plans.
  • Develop adaptive instruction plans in collaboration with home-based educators.

 Contact and Support

The official responsible for home-based education is available to meet with home-based educators and assist them through the process of home-based education. Please contact the Prairie Valley School Division office at 306-949-3366 or email

Click here for a printable version of the above explanations.