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Behaviour Coach

Behaviour coaches provide support and training to students, teachers and administrators where there are challenges with student behaviour.  They work with school-based teams to build upon the recommendations made by the learning supports team.

The overall role of the behaviour coach is to promote safe, inclusive and positive environments by ensuring schools are providing effective positive interventions and supports to all students.  These coaches support student achievement and learning initiatives through teaching and modelling of effective behavioural strategies. 


How do behaviour coaches support students?

Behaviour coaches support students through their work with teachers and educational assistants. These coaches work with teachers and EAs to model, reinforce or enhance strategies and interventions implemented for individual students. Behaviour coaches often step in when:

  • A student's behaviour has resulted in violent incidents.
  • Multiple office discipline referrals have been written for a student.
  • Increasing behavioural needs are noted.
  • A student exhibits a lack of the skills necessary for independence and learning.
  • Support is required for implementation of programming for students with complex behavioural needs. 
  • Collaboration with outside agencies is needed to provide wraparound supports for students with intensive needs


What does a behaviour coach do in schools?

These coaches provide ongoing support to ensure that positive behaviour interventions are the foundation for the school climate and culture. They provide administrators with effective strategies to ensure students will respond to the interventions implemented.  Behaviour coaches also work with schools to use data to drive behavioural interventions and instruction.


When does a behaviour coach provide classroom consultations?

Teachers can request a consultation from a Coach to enhance effective behaviour management and instruction in the classroom. During these sessions, the coach will model strategies such as behavioural lessons ("Cool Tools") and provide feedback on Positive Behaviour Intervention and Supports (PBIS) universal interventions. 


How much consultation will I get if my child is receiving support from a behaviour coach?

The school will inform you if a behaviour coach has been requested to support the school to further implement strategies to address your child's behaviours.

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