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Prairie Valley School Division
Located within Treaty 4 Territory
Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists support students in their learning so these students can be as successful as possible in their daily lives. They do this through skill building, by providing adaptations and by addressing students' unique sensory and developmental needs.  Prairie Valley occupational therapists provide a number of services including:

Transfer, Lifts and Repositioning Training
OTs train and certify educational assistants who work directly with lifting students who are non-mobile or who have limited mobility.

Service to Students with Inclusion and Intervention Plans (IIP)
OTs provide consultation and assessment for students in Pre-K to Grade 12 who have an IIP. They will help with fine and gross motor skill development, visual processing, sensory-motor processing, self-regulation and adapting school environments for those students not receiving services through the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

Priority is given to students exhibiting aggressive or violent behaviours.

Equipment Requests
OTs provide expertise on requests for equipment such as standing desks, Hokki stools or rocking chairs for any students in the Division. A referral is required for these consultations.

How does my child access support?

A pre-referral must be completed and signed by the student's legal guardian.  This allows the occupational therapist to discuss the student's needs further.  This may or may not include direct assessment or consultation.

Can I request a referral for my child?

If your child has an IIP and is not receiving OT services from the Saskatchewan Health Authority, you may request a referral to occupational therapy. Parents must first talk with their child's classroom teacher or administration to initiate the referral process.  You will then need to sign the referral, consenting for the school to talk about your child's needs with the Prairie Valley Learning Supports (PVLS) team. Your consent allows the team to discuss your child's needs further and allows for the occupational therapist to be involved.

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What can I do to help my child at home? 

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What are some of the strategies used at school to help my child? 

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Where can I find recommended tools and equipment? 

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