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Prairie Valley School Division
Located within Treaty 4 Territory
Speech Language Pathology

A Speech-Language Pathologist provides language and reading development and support to the classroom. Speech-Language Pathologists will determine student needs, provide literacy skills for students, and focus on early intervention. Emphasis will be placed on developing phonemic awareness skills, kindergarten to grade 3 speech and language intervention and prekindergarten students.


Speech-language pathologists are involved in a number of different activities which may include:

  • Evaluation of students' speech and language skills, focusing on intervention
  • Assessment of communication disorders, which may involve: screening, identification, evaluation, and diagnosis.
  • Intervention for communication disorders, which may involve: promotion, prevention, counseling, treatment, consultation, management, (re)habilitation, and education.
  • Support to school personnel and parents for speech and language development
  • Consultation with and referral to other professionals.
  • Preventative intervention in community based programs
  • Oral language and phonological awareness promotion for optimal literacy development
  • Research

Speech-language pathologists may work directly with students, and/or with their caregivers or other persons who regularly interact with them to create environments that promote optimal communication.



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