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Box 610, 420 Lisgar St., Balcarres, SK, S0G 0C0| 306-334-2520| Utility links
Balcarres Community School
Working Together to be the Best We Can Be
Balcarres Community School Believes in

"Working Together To Be The Best We Can Be Through Learning, Excellence, Caring, Safety, and Respect"


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          *   Do yo​ur own work

          *   Have materials ready and assignments completed

          *   Follow the expectations for use of the Internet as defined in our school's Acceptable Use Policy"

          *   Develop an in quizzical mind- questions how things work or why things happen



          *  Challenge yourself to be the best you can be

          *   Show personal responsibility for learning

          *   Enable everyone around you to learn

          *   Let the teacher teach effectively

          *    Do your homework and do your best when completing assignments



          *   Treat others like you want to be treated

          *   Use encouraging and positive language

          *   Respect the privacy of others

          *   Respect the personal belongings of others



          *   Follow policy and staff instructions in school, on the school grounds, and during field trips or other school functions

          *   Use school equipment responsibly; this includes computer labs, science labs, home ec labs, and phys ed

          *   Remain on school grounds at all times unless you have permission to leave



           *   Arrive in class on time and with an attitude to learn

           *   Respect the general rules of a classroom: listen, sit, participate

           *   Wear clothing that is neat and appropriate for school activities