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Balgonie Elementary School
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Take the LEAD! Grade 6 Playground Leadership Program


Daily Physical Activity
The Bobcat students and staff have developed Daily Physical Activities (DPA) across the entire school population in small and large group settings. These school wide activities were part of the provincial Daily Physical Activity initiative which continues in our school this year. For more information see the Ministry of Education website, Ministry of Education Inspiring Movement document , Ministry of Education on physical activity and Saskatchewan In Motion websites.
As well, we are continuing our DPA initiatives as well as extending them by adding a playground leadership component. The Take the LEAD! Grade 6 Leadership Program will support the activity of our younger students as well as to develop the natural leadership abilities of our Grade 6 students now, and into the future.
We are extremely proud of our Grade 6 Playground Leaders and their teacher advisors as they have taken on the responsibility for supporting our younger students in becoming increasingly active.
"Take the Lead"
This program originated through a partnership between the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region and the Southeast Connection Sport, Culture & Recreation District. “Take the Lead!” promotes youth to plan, deliver and participate in regular active play programs. Adults within the community have an opportunity to support and assist the young leaders as they strive to provide healthy, developmentally appropriate and safe active play opportunities to lead other children.
Our Bobcat “Take the Lead” Playground Leadership Program is looking to achieve the following goals:
  • The promotion of Healthy Active Living during recess time and lunch recess;
  • Grade 6 students “Take the Lead”: BES leadership opportunities where Grade 6 students take responsibility for - planning, implementing and assessing play activities for their peers now and potentially in the future;
  • Increased positive, active behavior in children during play time;
  • Increased respect for and effective use of play space and equipment to be active and healthy through active play.
The benefits of “Take the Lead!” include:
  • Development of youth leadership skills;
  • Increasing the activity opportunities for all children;
  • Promotion of an Active Living Attitude/Culture;
  • Facilitation of new games and activities for your youth;
  • Reduction of playground incidents;
  • Building positive relationships with peers;
  • Youth develop and exhibit a positive attitude toward physical activity and participation;
  • Support of our Daily Physical Activity goals;
  • Drawing out life skills in youth by nurturing their natural leadership abilities.
Our “Take the LEAD!” Team
Our Grade 6 “Take the Lead” team has been developed and is being supported by our catalyst DPA and “Take the Lead” teacher: Mr. C. Bales. In addition, the Grade 6 homeroom teachers are supporting the program by providing coverage for Mr. Bales Physical Education classes during the “Take the Lead” training experiences.


Bobcat Grade 6 Students “Take the LEAD!”
What did you like best about the “Take the Lead” training?
  • We liked the group games because we weren’t sitting down and it was fun to learn how to teach group games;
  • We liked how we got to teach all the other students in K-5;
  • We felt important & smart as we learned to teach others fun, cooperative group games.
  • We liked just getting to know how to organize games, play games and practising to do it with the little kids.  It gave us more experience too.
  • I liked learning how to be creative and learning new techniques.
  • The best thing in training was learning techniques on how to take the lead of students from K-4.
  • I liked the part where we went outside and got to be leaders for our classmates.
  • I liked seeing all the cool things you can do with people younger than you.
  • I liked learning about the different things we did.  I really liked and appreciated that Mr. Croshaw and Mrs. MacKenzie chose us.  It really shows how much they trust and believe we will do well at it.


What are the challenges in being a “Take the Lead” playground leader?
  • It is challenging when kids don’t listen;
  • It is challenging when kids don’t understand the importance of not cheating & keeping score right;
  • It is hard because we miss recess with our friends to lead others;
  • It is difficult when our students (K-5 kids) scream and yell loudly when they play our games;
  • It is hard if our groups ask silly questions about the games;
  • It is hard when they disagree with the games we choose to teach them;
  • It is challenging knowing “how to be a leader”, you know how to play with kids and you’re not just sitting there watching them play a game, you need to participate.
  • Some kids might not know how to play a game or they might think that they are in charge and might cause trouble.  Some kids might want to leave and some might cry;
  • Dealing with kids that don’t behave;
  • Some of the challenges to being a leader are that you could be frustrated with the younger children but you can’t get mad at them.  You have to show patience towards them;
  • A problem that I know will come up is control.  You will have to deal with the times that no one is paying attention.  You must have control;
  • Making sure everything is right so that nobody gets hurt or cheats.
What are the benefits of being a “Take the Lead” playground leader?
  • We don’t have to go outside when it’s cold;
  • You get to teach little kids besides our buddies; 
  • It is fun to watch kids play the games we plan;
  • It’s nice to be in charge;
  • You get to pick the games & make decisions that help others learn;
  • You get to practice being a leader, because when you get older you might have to be a leader at your job.  You also get to know more of the kid’s names.
  • Playing with kids is fun and an act of good charity.  These children are counting on you to make the game and recess fun.
  • Some of the benefits of participating in the Take the Lead Program are that we get to learn to be a leader young, we get to work with some spontaneous children and we work on our leadership skills.
  • The good thing I get to do is I get to play with the kids.  It is always fun and cool to get to see all the smiles on the kids’ faces.
What do you hope to accomplish as a “Take the Lead” playground leader?
  • It is an opportunity to be a leader in our school;
  • Gaining experience working with young kids;
  • Learning to cooperate with each other while helping others learn games;
  • I would like to accomplish improving on my leadership skills as a playground leader;
  • I’d like to accomplish making children take responsibility, with no shoving, pushing or hitting involved;
  • I hope that, I myself, can make these skills stick to me as everyday skills.  I also hope to teach others these skills.
How do you think leadership training and experience will help you in the future?
  • It will help me by showing me how to work with different ages of kids and be creative and positive in everything I do;
  • It will help me be more organized;
  • It will help me work better with large groups of people;
  • It will make me more confident when working with others;
  • It will help me in the future by showing me how to work with different ages of kids and be creative and positive in everything I do;
  • I think it will help me in the future to be a better role model to younger kids;
  • At some point in life you might be a parent or even your job will need leadership skills.  I am really thankful that Mr. Croshaw and Mrs. MacKenzie took time out of their day to help us learn leadership skills;
  • I think this leadership program will help me in the future with taking action and being a leader. One day some of us could end up being bosses and if we didn’t learn this, then we would probably not be the best boss.  This program taught all of us good leadership skills, along with setting and accomplish goals.
Thank you!
Thank you to the Grade 6 “Take the Lead” playground leadership team for taking the training and contributing to Balgonie Elementary School in such a positive and active way. Your time, energy and leadership is appreciated and valued by our students, staff, school community council and school administration.