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Bert Fox Community High School
Think; Believe; Become

​The role of the School Community Council is to build shared responsibility among parents, the community and schools for student learning and well-being and to lead parent-community involvement in school planning and improvement. 

​​​Your Fort Qu’Appelle SCC meets at 6:00 p.m. on the first Wednesday of every month.  Anyone is welcome to attend!  For more information, “like” us on Facebook – “Fort Qu’Appelle School Community Council” or join our mailing list by emailing us at
Current school year minutes are provided.  Any minutes prior are readily available on request.
The members for the 2018/19 school year are:
Voting Members
  • Kristen Resener, Chair
  • Krista Wolaniuk
  • Elisha Demyen, Treasurer 
  • Char Blum, Secretary
  • Carma Cechanowicz
  • Jessica Dieter
  • Darla Demoskoff-Janz 
  • Lindsay Svenson
Members at large – Community Representatives
  • Julie Stiglitz
  • Brian Endicott
  • Shawn Morris
  • Crystal Bigalky
  • Marlene Blatter ​

FQSCC Activity Report

School Goal - Behaviour

Pizza Lunches

  • Every month, the SCC hosted a pizza lunch to recognize students who have demonstrated a positive contribution to their classroom and school.  Recognition was given for excellence and improvements in attendance, effort, attitude and peer relations.   Pizza lunches were sponsored by Prairie Coop and Jany’s Creamery.  Lunches were held at both Bert Fox and FQECS, and students at BF were given certificates detailing their accomplishments. 
Pink Shirt Day
  • To mark this anti-bullying initiative, the SCC partnered with the BF SADD group to decorate the high school and sell ice cream floats to raise money for the Canadian Red Cross program.
Student Leadership Recognition
  • To recognize the contributions of student leaders, the SCC treated the FQECS SLC group to ice cream floats. 

School Goal - Literacy
Birthday Books
  • The SCC purchased a book for every elementary school student which they received on their birthday.
Book and a Beverage
  • The SCC hosted a book and breakfast event at Bert Fox.  All students were invited to the library to receive a fruit smoothie and a book or magazine of their choosing.  Over 100 books were handed out.
Neighbourhood Book Exchange
  • An SCC member built and installed a “bookhouse” on a residential street in Fort Qu’Appelle.  This decorative house contains books that are free and accessible to anyone at any time.  Operated on an exchange philosophy, the project encourages children, teens and adults to “take a book, leave a book” and is an excellent way to promote literacy in our community. 
 Literacy Scavenger Hunt
  • Supplies left over from the summer learning supports were used to host a children’s activity and craft table at our local summer arts festival.  SCC members designed a literacy scavenger hunt and children were given books as a prize.  
Spelling Bee
  • An SCC member served as a guest judge at the annual FQECS spelling bee.
Ralph the Reader
  • An SCC volunteer coordinated regular visits of Ralph the Reader at both schools.
School Goal – Attendance
Popcorn chefs for perfect attendance
  • The SCC provided volunteers to make popcorn for the FQECS perfect attendance celebrations

School Spirit door decorating contest

  • To support school spirit initiatives at BF, SCC volunteers helped with judging the door decoration contest

SCC Goal - Smooth Transitions
Graduation Scholarship
  • The SCC sponsored a $300 Scholarship to a grade 12 student who has attended Bert Fox for their entire education and has demonstrated an active role in the school community.
Summer Learning Supports
  • To support academic achievement and to help students avoid the “summer slide,” the SCC collected worksheets in a variety of subjects from teachers in each grade.  These were offered to students and families at the annual Woodtick festival in June. 
School Supply Recycling
  • The SCC collected left over and gently used school supplies at the end of June.  These were then distributed to students and families in need at the annual Woodtick festival. 


SCC Goal - Nutrition and Physical Wellness
Wacky Snack
  • Throughout the school year, the SCC, with the help of parent volunteers, prepared a healthy snack of unusual food items for every student in the elementary and high school.   The goal was to introduce our students to new healthy snack ideas, such as zucchini tater tots, pumpkin energy bites and grapefruit with coconut sugar.   
Family Fitness Nights 
  • The SCC hosted a four week family fitness program in March.  Classes were offered at no charge and free childcare was provided.  Activities included badminton, table tennis, archery, curling and skating. 
Parent Fitness and Bert Fox Gym Equipment Donation
  • The SCC sponsored a Crossfit fitness group for parents.  This included the purchase and donation of fitness equipment for the BF gym.
Pre-school Gymboree
  • The SCC hosted a morning pre-school fitness program once a week in the Bert Fox gym.
Lice Shampoo
  • The SCC established a $60 credit at each pharmacy in Fort Qu’Appelle to help supply lice shampoos and preventative treatments for families who need financial aid.  Families were referred as needed by the school social worker.
SCC Goal – Curriculum Supports
Leadership Trek
  • An SCC member supported the educational TREK’s organized for the Grade 10 students during their STEW trip. Topics included fishing, horse therapy, and art/cooking. 
Aboriginal Entrepreneur Program
  • An SCC member offered mentorship support to students enrolled in the Aboriginal Entrepreneurship course.
Brain Walk Volunteers
  • SCC coordinated parent volunteers to support the Brain Walk event at FQECS.  Brain walk is an educational event for elementary students during which they learn about brain safety, how alcohol and drugs affect our brains, and the difficulties individuals may experience if they hurt their brains. 
Community Supports for Health and Outdoor Ed
  • The SCC provided resources to the grade 9 health, KICK and wellness 10 curriculums by arranging for professionals within the community to work with the students to enhance curriculum.    Examples included delivering presentations on adolescent mental wellness, finding volunteers to teach a variety of fitness disciplines and providing weekly CrossFit training to prepare students for yearend outdoor trips.  
SCC Goal – Community Engagement
Open House BBQ
  • The SCC sponsored and helped serve at the Open House BBQ in September. 
Community Registration
  • The SCC hosted a community registration event at FQECS.  Local organizations were invited to set up information tables and take registrations for their activities, including sports, dance, guides etc. 
Family Photos
  • The SCC hired local photographers to take family photos for any Bert Fox or FQECS family.  For a small sitting fee ($10), families had their photos taken and received all pictures on a digital memory stick to allow them to do their own printing.    
“Pretenda Colada”
  • The SCC prepared and served Hawaiian slushy drinks to the students and families who participated in the Hawaiian family picnic at FQECS.
Community Outreach Dinner
  • The SCC made a cash donation to the Outreach Dinner.  SCC members donated food and volunteered at the dinner.  
Christmas Garage Sale
  • The SCC provided donations for the Annual Christmas Garage Sale, including items for sale and gift wrapping supplies.  As well, SCC members volunteered at the sale.  The funds raised from the sale were used to support the Habitat for Humanity project in Fort Qu’Appelle.  The event also provided elementary school students with an opportunity to buy affordable Christmas gifts.  

SCC Goal – Professional Development
Information session on Triple P Program
  • The SCC invited a guest speaker from the Triple P Parenting Program to share information on what parenting supports are available to our community and to explore how the SCC could help sponsor these kinds of educational opportunities for our parent community.  Events were scheduled for the fall of 2015.
SCC Goal – Fundraising
Gift Card Fundraiser
  • The SCC completed its fifth annual gift card fundraiser.   In addition to the national program, we once again expanded the list of local businesses participating in our program. With the generous support of our families and community members, we sold almost $12,000 in local business gift cards and $5,000 in national cards!  These businesses, in turn, donated over $1,200 to the SCC.

SCC Goal – Communication
  • The SCC maintained a Facebook page to help promote our work and activities. 

Bulletin Boards and E-mailing List

  • The SCC developed an information bulletin board for FQECS and communicated regularly with all parents who signed up to receive our email updates. 
Parent Information Flyer
  • The SCC prepared a welcome letter to distribute to all 2014/15 Kindergarten families in an effort to raise awareness of the SCC and its mandate and to encourage increased parental involvement in SCC activities. 
 Bert Fox Yearbook Ad
  • The SCC sponsored an ad in the BF yearbook to congratulate all 2015 graduates. 

Bus Driver/Cleaning Staff Appreciation
  • The SCC presented all bus drivers and maintenance staff with thank you gifts.
Staff Appreciation
  • The SCC organized a lunch at both schools during staff appreciation week.  As well, small gifts of appreciation were given to all staff. 
Secretary Appreciation
  • The SCC presented our school secretaries with thank you gifts, including plants and flowers, fridge magnet and lip gloss.  

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