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Bert Fox Community High School
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Attendance Policy
Research shows that students who have poor or irregular attendance usually are not successful in their academics.
Regular attendance supports student success.  The following policy emphasizes attendance and success.
1. In order to account for a student’s whereabouts, a note or phone call to the office is required from parent/caregiver explaining the absence.
2. It is the responsibility of all students to be in regular attendance in each and every class
3. Students are excused for school sponsored activities; however, if a student proves to be unable to afford to miss the class time, or has exhibited unacceptable behaviour, he may be refused this privilege.
4. Students absent from school due to extended illness or injury will be required to obtain a medical certificate.
5. Students missing classes, for any reason, are required to obtain and complete any and all assignments missed.  It is the student’s responsibility to obtain and complete assignments after an absence. It is not the teacher’s responsibility.
6. Students missing classes without acceptable reasons will be considered truant. 
7. Students who are substantially late for a class will be considered absent. (Twenty minutes plus is to be used as a guideline.)
8. Synervoice will contact the parent/guardian when a student is absent.  Please ensure that contact numbers are accurate.
The Education Act, Section 157 recognizes the need for students to miss school from time to time.  It sets out what are deemed to be "acceptable" reasons for absence, and all other reasons are deemed "unacceptable".  When students are absent from school, the reason for the absence is categorized in one of three ways, namely:
1. Unexcused, meaning no contact with the school was made by a parent; 
2. Excused for an acceptable reason, by
 (a) a parent for
 - illness
 - medical/dental appointment
 - court appointment
 - family holiday beyond five days with
    prior consultation with the principal
 - compassionate
 (b) teachers for
 - work experience
 - driver training
 - extra-curricular activity
 - field trip 
3. Excused for an unacceptable reason, meaning the parent contacted the school, but the reason was not one listed in (2) above. 
Leaving the School During the Day

Students, who need to leave the school between 8:55 a.m. and 3:24 p.m., must get sign-out permission at the office. At this time, the student will be asked to contact a parent by phone to confirm the need to leave the school. If a student leaves during the school day without having properly signed out, the absence may be considered a "skip".
Punctuality is a critical component of success within our society and we value our role in preparing students for success beyond high school. Individual teachers will monitor student punctuality, and take necessary measures to correct the problem. Consequences for tardiness, when becoming habitual and for "unacceptable" reasons, will include, loss of noon hours to make up for lost instructional time, parent contact, in-school suspensions, and the like. In cases of persistent tardiness administrators will support a teacher's recommendations to improve student attendance. 


The definition of a "skip" will be as follows: 
When students are not in their designated classes, and neither the parents nor the teachers have had prior notice of the student’s absence.
Where determined that a student has "skipped" a class, the student may be interviewed by the principal or vice-principal. Parents will be informed of the missed class.