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Bert Fox Community High School
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School Dance Policy
​In the event of a student being absent on the day of the school dance, that student will not be permitted to attend.  Exceptions will be handled through the school administration.
All school dances will be booked through the administration and must be adequately supervised.  The supervisors/chaperons will consist of volunteer teachers and parents/guardians.
Only students with regular attendance at Bert Fox may attend.  All guests must be signed up on the posted guest approval list by a sponsoring Bert Fox student for prior approval.  The list will be taken down by noon hour the day of the dance and approval of all guests will be made by an SLC representative and a member of the school administration, prior to the dance.  No other guests will be approved after the guest list has been taken down, except under special circumstances. The guest must be in attendance at another high school (grades 7 - 12) or may be a graduate of Bert Fox from the past school year.  All guests must be of good reputable character.
If guests exhibit unacceptable behaviour and are ejected from the dance, they will not be allowed to attend any more dances for a least a period of one year.  Student sponsors of the guests may also expect to lose their dance privileges as they are responsible for their guests and their actions.
Bert Fox students who have irregular or poor attendance, or who are habitually late, or repeatedly exhibit unacceptable behaviour may lose their dance privileges plus any other privileges unless there is a positive change in behaviour well in advance of the date of the dance.
All guests must be checked in for the dance at the admission desk upon entering the school.  Valuables should be left at home.   The school will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.
No food or drink is allowed anywhere except in the main foyer/cafeteria area.  No smoking is allowed on school property.
Once students or guests enter the dance, they may not leave unless they pay again upon entering or they have permission to leave for a special reason.  The front doors will be locked and no one is to be admitted except under special circumstances.