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Bert Fox Community High School
Think; Believe; Become
Discipline Policy
The intention of discipline policy is to help students move toward self responsibility using the following steps.
A step system will be employed that will consist of three major stages.
The in-class teacher will deal with the student over in-class discipline problems. Many approaches may be tried.     
If the student refuses to cooperate he will be sent to the office.
Only students committing severe or repeat offences are to be sent to the office.
The teacher will also refer problem students for counselling and contact the parents.
The student will be counselled, asked to plan so he may remain in class and will have the future consequences of repeated office visits explained.
In-school suspensions of increasing lengths are used if a student chooses to repeat severe or repetitive unacceptable behaviour.  Parents and the school counsellors will be involved at this stage.
A student who continues to exhibit unacceptable behaviour will receive an out-of-school suspension.

Students placed in in-school suspension will be supervised.    The supervisor will ensure the student follows the in-school suspension room rules (see below). 
1. No talking to anyone unless permission is given by the supervisor in attendance.
2. No leaving your desk or the room without permission from the supervisor in attendance.
3. All students must be working on assigned class work or provided material.  If they are not doing this they will be given menial work to do. This is to keep them occupied so they will not have further problems.  Students are to be occupied, not idling their time away or sleeping.
4. Students will be allowed to go to the washroom with teacher permission.  No other breaks will be allowed. 
5. Students may be required to do some planning on how they may return to the classroom and be more successful than they presently are.
6. Failure by a student to follow the rules while on an in - school suspension will result in possible further in-school suspension time or suspension from school.