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Bert Fox Community High School
Think; Believe; Become
Extra-Curricular Involvement
​Students on school teams are ambassadors for our school and community.  It is expected that their behaviour be very positive so it sets an example for the rest of the student body in school and when
representing the school.
1. Be a regular attendee.
2. Be punctual.
3. Exhibit reasonable, acceptable and positive behaviour.
4. Maintain a reasonable academic standard.
5. Be cooperative with all staff and students.
6. Follow through with your commitment to the activity.
7. Exceptions to the rules will be monitored.  Failure to meet any of the criteria may result in withdrawal of the student from the activity.
The rules and regulations for each extra-curricular activity will be set by the person running the activity.  Students can be removed and added to the activity at the discretion of the person in charge.
Student representing the school on a school outing are expected to wear respectable clothing that is clean and neat and worn in a proper manner.