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Bert Fox Community High School
Think; Believe; Become

1.   Only students in Grades 11 or 12 are allowed to have spares, unless special arrangements have been made with the principal for a reduced load. 
2.   Spare periods must be spent in the foyer at the tables or in the library.    With special permission of the teacher, the student may work in a specialty area (Computer Lab, PAA Labs, etc).  Students on spares may also be off school grounds entirely.
3.  Students are expected to behave as respectable ambassadors of Bert Fox Community High School during spares on or off premises.
4.  Students are not to wander the hallways during spares. Be prepared and settle down to work in one of these areas for the duration of your spare period. If students are wandering they should be asked to move immediately to one of these areas or leave the school. If they refuse to comply or are disrespectful of this request they should immediately be escorted to the office.
5.  Being allowed to leave the premises during spares is a privilege.  Abuse of this privilege will result in withdrawal of the privilege. Examples of abuse would include returning late for class, driving carelessly, being involved in activity off premises that are illegal, or annoying to the public, etc.

Our objective is to minimize the disruption that might be caused in regular classes that will be going on.  In order to do so, we insist that the student not be moving between the above areas during the spare.  Planning must be done for the spare period, just as it must be done for any other period of the day.

Students not observing the provision of this policy will be assigned a supervised working area to report to during spare periods and their attendance will then be recorded and/or monitored as per normal classroom expectations.