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Bert Fox Community High School
Think; Believe; Become
Expectations of Students
Saskatchewan school children and youth have four levels of expectations determined by the provincial education act, school division policy, local school, and classroom teacher. The following is a point form summary of the expectations:
Level One - Provincial (Education Act: Sec. 150-151, 153)
• Pupils shall co-operate fully with all persons employed by the board and such other persons who have been lawfully assigned responsibilities and functions by the Board.
• Attend school regularly and punctually.
• Provide themselves with such supplies and materials not furnished by the Board of Education as may be considered necessary to his courses of study by the principal.
• Observe standards approved by the Board of Education with respect to cleanliness and tidiness of person, general deportment, obedience, courtesy, and respect to the rights of other persons.
• Be diligent in their studies.
• Be accountable to the teacher for their conduct during school hours or while engaged in authorized school activities.
• Be accountable to the principal for their general deportment at any time while under the supervision of the school and staff members, including the time spent in travelling between the school and places of residence.
• Conform to the rules of the school as approved by the Board of Education and submit to such discipline as would be exercised by a kind, firm, and judicious parent.
• Subject to the stated policies of the Board of Education, to the driver of the school bus and to any other person appointed by the Board.
Level Two – Prairie Valley School Division #208
The Board of Education interprets the Education Act with respect to student performance and behaviour and confirms the requirements of students in the Education Act, and at the school and classroom levels.  Information with regards to school procedures may be found on

Level Three – School
In Bert Fox Community High School, it is expected that all students will demonstrate:
1. Respect for and consideration of the rights, property and feelings of others.
• a clean and tidy environment will be maintained;
• the right to safety of others must be respected;
• movements in hallways must be purposeful and orderly;
• requests of persons in authority must be responded to in a polite and positive manner;
• voice projections should be reasonable;
• interactions between people should demonstrate sensitivity and caring. Students are NOT to be making rude or offensive comments to or about others;
• students who intentionally or unnecessarily damage property will be held responsible for the repair or replacement of the property.
2. Behaviour that conveys a message of positive and healthy life style.
• to abstain from involvement with alcohol/drugs during the school day or at school functions;
• to wear proper attire (does not promote alcohol/drug use, sexist connotations, provocative dress is also discouraged);
• cell phones are not to be used inside the classroom at any time during the school day without the express permission of a teacher or a school administrator.
• MP3 players and Ipods are allowed in classrooms only with permission of the classroom teacher. 
• Students are not to have any form of lasers in their possession while under the schools jurisdiction.
• bandannas or other associated gang symbols are not allowed at school;
• appropriate language (not offensive to others);
• appropriate physical conduct (not offensive to others);
• polite, courteous, cheerful and positive attitude
• hats taken off at entrance
• smoking is not allowed on school property
3. Bus rules for student conduct
• Students shall not leave their seats without the bus driver's permission.  Also, students shall not get up from their seats to unload until the bus has come to a complete stop.
• Students shall use a seating plan, if the bus driver chooses to utilize one.
• Students may not eat, drink or smoke on the school bus.
• Sunflower seeds are not allowed on the bus.
• Students shall not litter or deface the bus or its contents.
• Students may not use loud, abusive, indecent, insulting or profane language while on the school bus.
• Disruptive behavior or fighting will not be tolerated.
• Students shall treat the driver and fellow students with courtesy and respect.
• The school bus driver has the authority to suspend a student from riding on the bus when the student fails to abide by the rules or misbehaves on the bus. The school administration has the right to administer additional consequences if deemed necessary as students are also responsible to the school principal for their behaviour on the bus.
Level Four – Classroom
• Teachers are expected to establish and enforce expectations for student performance and behaviour in each of their classes. 
• Since teachers are individuals, students can expect that expectations for them will vary slightly. 
• Students must conform to individual teachers’ expectations which address such matters as punctuality, food in class, the meaning of assignment "deadlines", etc. 
• Expectations set by classroom teachers have the support of administrators and the Board of Education.