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Grade 12 Local Scholarships 
Updated Feb 8th 2017

  1. Access Communications Centennial Scholarship    
    Value 20 amounts of – $1000.00
  • Student must be attending a post secondary institution
  • The recipient will be selected by Access Communications based on the following criteria:  community involvement and academic achievement
  • Must apply online at
  • Deadline – April 20 2017
  1. Ben Grebinski Achievement Award
  • This award is presented to a Grade 12 Student who has been active in school related athletics, the arts, and has earned honor role status
  • The recipient will be chosen by the Broadview Teaching Staff
  1. Broadview Affinity Credit Union

           Value 88 amounts -$500.00

  • The Build a Better World Scholarship offered by Affinity Credit Union of 500.00. 88 throughout the Affinity system. It is presented to a graduating student from their membership.
  • The intent of the award is to recognize an individual who has made a positive impact on their school and community.
  • Students are required to go the Affinity website to review eligibility guidelines and download the fillable award application for completion.
  • Deadline is April 17th 2017 at midnight
  1. Broadview Agriculture Society

           Value - $200.00

    • Presented to a student entering any accredited agricultural related program in the province
      • Please submit to:  Broadview Agricultural Society,                                                Box 894 Broadview, SK S0G 0K0

                    *Application Form
                    * Recent transcript of Marks
                    * Cover Letter – Leadership positions 
                                            -  Community Service projects
                                            - Awards
                    * Letter of Recommendation from community leader
    •  Deadline – May 1
    • May also apply for Clark Lewis Scholarship – deadline May 6th
  1. Broadview and District Kin Club – Spirit of Youth Award                                  
    Value $250.00
  • Will be awarded to one graduate who has been active in their school and      community doing volunteer work. 
  • If there is no qualifying applicant, the award will not be given out. 
  • Scholarship will be awarded once proof of enrollment is submitted. 
  • Please submit the following to: Broadview & District Kin Club, box 479 Broadview,     SK. S0G 0K0 or to Mrs. Laurie Heisler
  • Letter indicating any community or school volunteer work as well as post  secondary plans. 
  • Deadline: April 15th. 
  1. Broadview Lions Club
    Value - $1000.00
  • Will be awarded to the Most Outstanding Graduate based on their academics and extracurricular involvement
  • Recipients will be chosen by the teaching staff
  1.  Broadview School Community Council Scholarship  
     One amounts $250.00
  • Will be awarded to one students who best exemplify the school values of caring, respect and responsibility
  • Can be used at any accredited post-secondary institution
  • If there is no qualifying applicant the award will not be awarded
  • Scholarship will be awarded once proof of enrollment is submitted
  • Please submit to:  Broadview School Community Council
  • Application form
  • 500 word essay explaining the student's use of the school values
  • Deadline – May 1st of current school year
  1. Harold Moore Bursary  -                                            
    Value - $200.00
  • In memory of Harold Moore, the family would like to offer this bursary to a Grade 12 student entering a trades or technical institute (non-university course) anywhere in Canada
  • Please submit to the Broadview School Office:

    Cover letter stating your post secondary plans and goals
    Recent transcript of marks
  • Deadline – May 1 
  1. Hometown Coop Scholarship
    Value Four amounts of $500.00
  • The Hometown Co-op will be offering Four $500.00 scholarships to deserving graduates. These scholarships are open to all grads to apply. Please fill in the application and submit to Amanda Currie, Co-op Human Resources Manager, by May 1st of the graduation year. The scholarships will be announced at the Graduation Ceremony and will be awarded in January of the following year upon completion of the first semester, with proof of enrolment in the second semester provided. If these criteria are not met, the scholarship will be awarded to an alternate recipient.
  • Please submit to Amanda Currie, Co-op Human Resources:
      • Box 637, Broadview, SK S0G 3N0
    • Co-operative Retailing Scholarship Application Form
    • Recent transcript
    • Personal resume (without references)
    • 500 word essay on what the word "co-operation" means to you
    • Reference letter from a teacher, employer, supervisor or family friend
    • Proof of Enrolment or Conditional Offer
    • Deadline – May 1st 2017
  1. Moulding Family Bursary                                      
    Value $500.00
  • Presented to a student who will be attending a post secondary institution majoring in business or agriculture
  • Please submit to the Broadview School Office:
  • Cover letter indicating post secondary plans
  • Deadline – May 1
  1.  Percival Health Care Auxiliary Scholarship 
     Value $500.00
  • Awarded to a student entering the Health Care Field
  • If there is more than one applicant, the auxiliary will appoint a recipient based on need, academics and community involvement in the healthcare field.
  • Please submit to Donalda Ecklund, Box 99, Broadview, SK. S0G 0K0
  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • Recent transcript of marks
  • Deadline – May 1
  1.  PVTA Education Scholarship 
     Value Four amounts - $600.00
  • The Prairie Valley Teachers Association shall annually award four amounts of $600 scholarships to PVSD graduates enrolled in first year in the Faculty of Education or a pre-education university program in Saskatchewan.  
  • Please submit the required documentation to Renette Edgar:
  • Cover Letter / Resume
  • Recent transcript of marks
  • Copy of letter of conditional acceptance from the university

    1.  Why are you choosing education as a career?
    2.  List 3 personal strengths which will enable you to become an effective teacher.
    3. Based on your investigation of education as a career, what might be your greatest challenge?
  • Deadline - May 1st 
  1. PVSD Student Leadership Award
  • Awarded to a student who has displayed leadership roles in and respect for school and community
    • Demonstration of leadership in learning and life
    • Leadership in any one or more areas:  SLC, Athletics, School clubs (example:  yearbook, music), Community activities (example:  4H, youth groups)
  • Recipient will be chosen by the Broadview Teaching Staff 
  1. PVSD Student Success Award
  • The Board of Education will present an award to recognize the success of students with diverse and /or intensive needs in one or more of the following areas:   academics, arts, athletics, community service, work based learning, extra-curricular or community activities, independence, technology and self-advocacy.  A wide variety of categories recognizes that students with diverse and/or intensive needs may have a variety of strengths and that recognition should be made for those students whose performance in one of more of these areas is exemplary.
  • Recipient will be chosen by the Broadview Teaching Staff                                                     
  1. Royal Canadian Legion-Broadview Branch #148
    Value - $300.00- $500                                                   

          The Bursary is to be awarded according to the following criteria:

  • If the applicant is the descendant of a Veteran that has served in the military forces of Canada or the RCMP:
  • -A Bursary in the amount of $500 will be awarded based on the following considerations:
  • The applicant will be attending a university or technical school in the fall of 2016
  • The award will be based first on "financial need" and if the need between more than one applicant is judged equivalent, the award will additionally be judged on scholastic achievement with regard to the institution being attended.
  • If no application is received from a candidate in section 'A', a Bursary in the amount of $300 will be awarded according to the same considerations as in section 'A".
  • Please Submit to the Broadview School Office
    • Cover letter stating relationship to the Canadian Military or RCMP, Post-secondary plans and goals and financial situation.
      • Recent transcript of Marks
      • Deadline – May 1st
  • The recipient will be selected by the Broadview School Teaching Staff
  1. SAASE/Clark and Anne Lewis West Coast Amusements Bert and Grace Dalgleish Memorial Scholarships
    Value two amounts of $1500.00 and two amounts of $1000.00
  • The applicant must be attending one of three post secondary education institutions in Saskatchewan – University of Regina, University of Saskatchewan or SIAST
  • Students will complete application form and hand into office  (the school will hand over to Ag Society member by due date)
  • The student will then complete  first year of post-secondary education before nomination by an Agricultural Society member and submission happens
  • Please submit to Broadview School Office:
      • Application Form
      • Cover Letter indicating future plans
      • Resume  including Extra-curricular involvement at school and Community Involvement
      • Three letters of endorsement and recommendation
  • Deadline -  May 6th
  1.  Seed Hawk Inc. Scholarship Fund 
     Value two amounts - $500.00
  • Open to any student from the following community high schools:  Grenfell, Kipling, Broadview and Whitewood
  • First amount awarded to a student entering a college course in the fields of Business, Office Ed, Engineering, Welding and Industrial Mechanics
  • Second amount awarded to a student entering a university course in Engineering, Agriculture or Business Admin/Commerce
  • Please submit to Seed Hawk Inc-Scholarship Processing Box 123, Langbank, SK S0G 2X0
    • Resume:  listing your attributes, community involvement and demonstrated interest in Agriculture
    • On a separate document,  a statement of your vision for rural Saskatchewan and how you will help that vision become a reality through your education and employment or entrepreneurial efforts
    • If possible, a copy of your conditional acceptance to your post secondary institution
  • Deadline – April 14th 2017

 Prairie Valley SD Career Education Website

Looking At What Is New
  • Parents’ Role in Career Planning
  • The Career Planning Process
  • The High Five Principles


Looking At The Facts
  • Saskatchewan Education High School Credit Requirements
  • High School Graduation Plan
  • Extra Credit Options
  • Parent/Student Access to HomeLogic


Looking Within
  • Career Cruising
  • Career Portfolio Development
  • Self-Assessment Inventories
  • Essential Skills
  • Employable Skills


Looking At Strengths
  • The Job Search
  •      Stage One: Prepare a Resume and Cover Letter

         Stage Two: Conduct a Job Search<\p>

         Stage Three: Prepare for a Job Interview<\p>

  • Annual “Local” Career/Job Fairs
  • Campus Visits/Open Houses/Tours
  • Labour Market Information (LMI)


  • University/College
  • Institute of Applied Science & Technology
  • Regional Colleges
  • Private Schools
  • Aboriginal Post-Secondary Institutions​
  • Travel & Enrichment Programs
  • Public Service Careers
  • Apprenticeship
  • Work Force


Looking At Funding
  • Sources of Funding
  • Student Savings
  • Registered Education Savings Plans (RESP)
  • Government Student Loans
  • Scholarships/Bursaries


Looking To The Future
  • Conclusion
  • Acknowledgements/Resources