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Box 429, 400 Lansdowne St., Cupar, SK, S0G 0Y0| (306)723-4660| Utility links
Cupar School
Responsibility, Respect, Leadership, Honesty

Wildcat Athletics


6 man tackle(Grade 9-12)-6 man tackle(Grade 9-12) - Mr. Trakalo/Mr. Ross

             Game Administration: Mr. Langdon/Mr. Bruce

Flag Football(Grade 5-9) - Mr. Bruce/Mr. Ross

Senior (Grade 10 -12)
Girls - Miss Scherle
Junior (Grade (7-9) Girls - Mrs. Hubick
Cross-Country Running - Mr. Bruce
Meet Structure
QVDA District X-Country Meet (Top 10 advance to SHSAA Provincial X-Country Meet)
SHSAA Provincial X-Country Meet (Top 3 Finishers receive a Medal, Podium Presentation, and banner for their represented school)
Age Categories & Events
*Pee Wee Boys Girls - 2000 m
*Bantam Boys & Girls - 3000 m
Midget Boys - 4000 m             Midget Girls - 3000 m
Junior Boys - 5000 m              Junior Girls - 4000 m
Senior Boys - 6000 m             Senior Girls - 4000 m
These age categories do not compete in the SHSAA Provincial Meet
Basketball-Junior Girls Mr. Bruce/Mrs. Arnold
                   -Senior Girls Mr. Bruce/Mr. Graham
Track & Field-Mrs. Laurie/Mrs. Hubick/Mr. Ross/Mr. Trakalo
Meet Structure
Cupar School Track & Field Meet (Top 3 in each event advance to Zone Meet)
PVSAA Zone Track & Field Meet (Top 4 in each event advance to District Meet)
QVDA District Track & Field Meet (Top 2 in each event advance to Provincial Meet)
SHSAA Provincial Track & Field Championships (Top 3 in each event receive a medal, podium presentation, & banner for their represented school)
100 m                800 m                        4x100 m Relay
200 m                1500 m                      4x400 m Relay
400 m                3000 m
Long Jump          High Jump                   Discus
Triple Jump         Pole Vault                    Javelin          Shot Put
Age Categories
Pee Wee (Grades 6-7)*Only participate in Cupar School Track & Field Meet
Bantam (Under 14 as of August 31,2018)**Not Eligible for the SHSAA Provincial Competition
Midget  (Under 15 as of August 31,2018) 
Junior    (Under 16 as of August 31,2018)
Senior   (Age 17 & over as of August 31,2018)

Archery-Mrs. Mills/Mrs. Laurie

Drama-Senior-Mrs. Dinsmore/Mrs. Bollinger Junior-Mrs. Geiger

SLC-Junior-Mrs. Geiger/Miss Scherle                Senior-Mr. Bruce/Mr. Langdon

Tuck Shop-Mr. Langdon/Mr. Bruce

Yearbook-Mrs. Mills/Mr. Bruce