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215 3rd Avenue, Box 190, Edenwold, Saskatchewan, S0G 1K0| 306-771-4183| Utility links
Edenwold School
Connecting Life and Learning

‚ÄčExtra- Curricular Activities for 2018-19

-SLC/Spirit Committee: All year, meetings last day 5 of each month President- Jake  , Vice President- Gabriel & Kamryn  ,

Secretary- Anna  , Co-Treasurer - Marli and Jack

-Intramurals: Box Hockey (5/6 Division, 3/4 Division)

-Cross Country: Fall practice, PVSD meets (IHHS, LES, McLean, South Shore)

-Track and Field: Spring practice, PVSD meet @ Indian Head Elementary (June 1st) and Douglas Park (June 15th)

-Badminton: Winter/Spring practice, exhibition meet TBD

-Tech Club: Winter meetings @ noon, announced week-to-week 

-Yearbook: All year, meetings @ noon  Members- Grade 4,5,&6

-Craft Club: Prior to Xmas, meet @ noon and deliver after school

-Cooking Club (after Xmas)

-Board games club after Christmas

-Art Club

-Camping Trip -  Camping Trip for 2019 is June 13 & 14th

-Tech Club