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​School Messenger: Automated Calling System
What is School Messenger?
It is an automated calling system that will inform you of the periods that your student missed during the school day.
When can I expect to be called and emailed?
You can expect to be called and emailed for every period your student has an unexcused absence for any classes. You can also expect to be called if the school or a school group has a special announcement.
What will I hear when I am called?
You will hear a message that will inform you that it is Greenall School calling and that your student(s) has missed a particular period of the school day. The periods are 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 which is normal school day; period 4 is noon band; period 7 is after school choir.
Please listen to the message.
It will ask you to press a number on your telephone keypad to acknowledge that you received the message. Pressing this button indicates the call has been heard by someone in your household.
You cannot record a reason for the absence on the system; all you can do is press the number as requested to verify that the call has been answered.
What should I do if I am called?
You should listen carefully to the message and note the absences.
You should then call the Greenall High School office at 306-771-2566 or reply to the email
in order to let us know why your student was absent.