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Greenall High School
Providing a Caring Climate Conducive to Learning
Located within Treaty 4 Territory

 About Outdoor School

The Greenall Outdoor School program is offered for one semester each year giving students the opportunity to earn five credits: Biology 20, English 20, Phys-Ed 20, Wildlife Management 30, and Native Studies 20. Any student in grade eleven can apply for the program.

The program focuses on learning in alternative settings and styles. Outdoor School travels the province and local sites gaining knowledge through hands on activities and presentations. An example is when the class goes ice fishing in the Qu’Appelle Valley and then does a fish dissection with the fish they catch. Outdoor School travels to seven of eleven eco-regions in Saskatchewan learning about the interesting events and places each eco-region has to offer. Some places we visited were Grassland National Park, Cypress Hills, Saskairie, Churchill River, and many more. With Outdoor School not only do students learn about these places, but they see and experience them first hand. ODS students learn and develop hard work ethics, good survival skills, public relation skills, and a passion for respecting the environment. ODS helps students to reach their full potential and as such alumni of ODS have improved their marks in grade twelve after participating in ODS.

This year we have been to Grasslands seeking rattle snakes and the Great Short Horned Lizard. We touched our toes in the brisk lake at Cypress Hills centre block. We tangled with the cold harsh winters in Saskatchewan by sleeping in quinzees for two nights during March and we reenacted the Cypress Hills Massacre learning about Canada’s history. We searched the boundaries of the province learning about the diversity that exists in the province. To finish off the year, we explored the Churchill River retracing routes of historic fur traders.

Recently our program was sponsored by the World of Whitetail organization. The World of Whitetail’s main goal is to, “Ensure the future of the White-tailed Deer and other wildlife that occupy such lands, and to preserve hunting traditions in an ethical and sustainable manner for future generations.” The program is very excited with the sponsorship; with their donation the program is able to focus on learning and exploring instead of fundraising. A special thank you goes out to the World of Whitetail organization.

Greenall High School and ODS students feel that we have a phenomenal program that works with students to help young adults to reach their full potential.  

    The Students of ODS: ODS PR team of 2011