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 Greenall Outdoor School

The Outdoor School provides Greenall students with a unique opportunity to obtain five academic classes in an outdoor setting. The academic classes are combined into a package that integrates curriculum and learning with a focus on environmental studies, leadership skills and personal physical fitness.  Students experience education in a natural setting as they integrate the academic rigors of their classes with challenging and exciting outdoor experiences.  Students travel throughout the province and learn about Saskatchewan from naturalists, scientists, conservationists and ecologists.  The emphasis on fieldwork and the integration of guest speakers from a variety of disciplines provides students with an engaging authentic educational experience.  In addition, the volunteer component allows students to contribute to the community.
Program Offerings:
The outdoor school provides an opportunity for students to complete all of the academic requirements for a regular Grade 11 semester.  Course offerings include:
·         English Language Arts 20
·         Environmental Science 20
·         Physical Education 20
·         Native Studies 20
·         Wildlife Management 30
Students will be provided with a number of authentic outdoor learning experiences as they explore Saskatchewan. Adventures and activities will include:
·         Wilderness Canoeing
·         Winter Camping
·         Hiking
·         Swimming
·         Cross Country Skiing
·         Snowshoeing
·         Orienteering
·         And much, much, more
The Application Process:
Students will be accepted through an application process. The program will target students who have an interest in outdoor pursuits. Successful applicants must not be involved in any activities that would interfere with their commitments to the outdoor school and must be able to commit to the activities that will extend past regular school hours.  Student selection will not be based upon marks although students must have acceptable academic standing.
Students who wish to apply for the outdoor school must fill out and have their parent or guardian sign an application form.
Program Costs:
Students will be responsible to supply most basic personal equipment such as sturdy footwear, a sleeping bag, a backpack and rain gear.  In addition, there is a cost of a $150 for each participant to cover some basic operational costs.  There may be additional charges if students decide to get certified in First Aid, Canoeing, etc.  Selection will not be based upon ability to pay the $150 charge.  The Greenall Outdoor School program is committed to doing its best to ensure students are not excluded based upon an inability to pay for costs.  If payment poses difficulty please contact Mr. Moore or Ms. Becker.