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News Item

Guest Riders on Buses

February 05, 2015

The school would like to inform parents of our policy regarding guest riders on the buses.

Students are welcome to bring guest riders on the bus under the following conditions:

1. There must be sufficient room for the guest rider to ride the bus.

2. The parent of the student who is on the route must notify the bus driver in advance that their child would like to bring a guest on the bus.

3. Parental permission must be given in the form of a written note from both the guest rider's parent as well as the parent of the student requesting the guest.

4. The student is to behave in an appropriate manner while riding the bus, following all bus rules.

5. School administration must approve all guest riders.

Guest rider approval is required for safety purposes. In case of an emergency, it is critical for the school administration and PVSD transportation to know who is on the bus for contact purposes.